10 Year Old Vehicles are Banned – Uttarakhand Transport Department


If Uttarakhand Transport Department get the stamp on their already prepared proposal by Divisional Transport Authority, then the operation of 10-year-old vehicles will be banned in Dehradun, Uttarkashi, Tehri, Haridwar district.

After applying this rule in Dehradun, the Department will force to apply it to other districts. A proposition in such a manner has been set up by the Transport Department and sent to the Divisional Transport Authority. RTO Pathoi said, the proposal is ready, but they tell their last decision after the discussion in the meeting with Divisional transport authority.

The state has 2.5 Lakh + commercial vehicles

If the proposal gets a pass in the meeting of Transport Authority, then not only more than lakhs of transport will not on work, even the families who survive with these transports will be in trouble. According to an estimation, one state has more than 2.5lakh commercial vehicles in which maximum vehicles are 10 years old.


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