1000+ Teachers and Employees will get the same Salary – Even Direct recruiters


Based on the suggestions of the Sixth Pay Commission, the educators and workforce who are getting less pay from the faculty who went under direct enrollment will presently get a similar pay as the immediate enlistment staff. The state government had before taken this choice just for restorative, wellbeing and family welfare staff. Presently the Finance Department has given a request to give this advantage to every one of the educators and faculty of the state. With the issuance of this request, the legislature is required to cause an extra use of Rs 150 crore.

As indicated by the Finance Department, while executing the suggestions of the Sixth Pay Commission, a considerable lot of the staff who were given the advantage of advancements remained, yet their pay rates were not exactly the individuals who originated from direct enrollment in similar posts. This case additionally arrived at the High Court and pursued by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court requested that the advanced workers and educators ought to likewise be given a similar pay as the legitimately enlisted faculty.

The state government provided this request for therapeutic, wellbeing and family welfare staff in December 2018, in view of the request for the Supreme Court. This request came into power in these divisions, yet the workforce of different offices was denied this advantage.

Now the Finance Department has implemented this order for personnel and teachers of all departments of the state. Its mandate has been issued. In this order issued by Additional Secretary Finance Arunendra Singh Chauhan, this discrepancy should be cleared immediately.

According to sources in the Finance Department, this new arrangement will incur an additional expenditure of about Rs 150 crore on the government. After the issuance of this order, government employees and teachers taking salaries will be benefited based on the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission.


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