5 PNB Officer accused for not registering property of e-auction


The case has been filed against five PNB officials for not registering the property sold from the e-auction. The victim’s side has accused the bank officials of grabbing five lakhs. According to the police, Gaurav Govind Tripathi, resident of Haridwar, Hariadi Bazar, has been appointed as a member of Punjab National Bank, branch Sector 4 Bhel, under the e-auction on March 12, Krishna Devi’s property was purchased for 5.5 lakh rupees. Subsequently, the bank gave the sale certificate on 18th April. If the measure of the property was not clear, Gaurav had measured the valuation report from the bank’s architect Vipin Gupta in the valuation report.

According to the money given, 44.81 square meters of land was to be provided with glory. The charge is that the area of ​​the place purchased is not written in the sale certificate. It is alleged that after taking the money, neither the bank has given the registry of the property nor the possession of the land was given to Gaurav. Gaurav alleged that PNB’s Sector 4 BHEL Ranipur branch’s authorized officer OP Bharti, property recovery manager Manish Kumar, law officer Mithul Gupta, manager Ramesh Kumar and architect Vipin Gupta have jointly conspired and conspired with him.

It is alleged that officials took possession of a bribe and captured anyone else on land. It is alleged that the bank officials are now threatening glory. Nagar Kotwali Police has registered a lawsuit against OP Singh, Manish Kumar, Mitul Gupta, Ramesh Kumar, Vipin Gupta on the orders of the SSP. Nagar Kotwali in-charge Naveen Chandra Seamwal has confirmed this.


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