’80-year-old’ got justice after 20 years of ‘insulting’ fraud, death threats after life


In the matter of cheating, fraud, abetment and death threats, the court finally gave justice and relief to the 80-year-old veteran couple twenty years later. Both had allegations that they incited the retired army to invest in the finance company and grabbed 1.30 lakh rupees. On behalf of the prosecution, the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate III Rinki Sahni’s court was told that in this case, the retired army named Kharad Singh named Vinod Kumar and his wife Renu resident of Ravi Cottage Subhashnagar Clemmantown had reported the issue.

Wadi Kharak Singh died during the trial of this case. Witness in the review conducted by the defendant’s advocate Ashutosh Gulati and Khare Singh’s brother-in-law Bhagwan Singh said that he does not remember the date of payment. It was told by Khadak Singh that threatening to kill him

The allegation was that the couple used to describe themselves as the manager and employee of the Kuber Group of Company. Both the accused told the retired army that if they invest in their company, their money will be doubled in five years and with Rs five hundred rupees every month. On this retired army invested Rs.1,30,000 in the company in 1994. But after three-four years of giving check of five hundred rupees, the money ceased to meet. With the same five years


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