9 School Children died in a road accident and many injured


Tuesday was a painful day for Uttarakhand. Nine children in the school bus died after falling into a deep ditch. At the same time, the second accident happened on the Badrinath highway. Due to a landslide over a moving bus full of passengers, huge debris of the mountain fell. Seven passengers on the bus died on the floor. In both these shocking incidents, the lamps of many houses were extinguished. The deaths of children and passengers in accidents have broken their families.

A bus carrying children to school on Pratapnagar Kangsali Madannegi motorway in Tehri suddenly lost control and fell into a deep ditch. Nine children died in this accident. 8 children are undergoing treatment in the hospital. The accident took place around 7.30 am. After the accident, the crowd started gathering on the spot. Shortly afterward the police and administration team reached the spot.

The second accident occurred on the Badrinath highway. The bus had reached Lambambad area due to landslides, on a bus full of passengers, the rocks broke from the mountain, due to which the middle part of the bus was completely buried. Seven passengers sitting there were tragically killed. The accident took place around 9 am today. The rescue team reached the spot after the accident and took the injured to the hospital. The concerned police officer said that all the dead and injured have not yet been identified. The families of those who have been identified have been informed of the accident


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