Indian Air force Salary Slip Chart & Benefits Per Month Engineers Technician


Indian Air Force Salary Per Month for Engineers, Air Force Salary Chart, Slip, Rankwise Income, of Flying Duty and Ground Branch in X and Y band.

Indian Air Force Salary Slip for Engineers

Want to have a job with complete benefits which not only offers you to cover your dues but also allow you to serve your nation and along with salary provide you the various incentives, allowances. Then the Indian Air force welcomes you with thousand of opportunity where you can fulfill your dreams. India Airforce is the eyes in the air for Indian Defense management whose main job is to perform aerial combat during the war. Indian Airforce works along with the two other branch of defense which are Indian Navy and the Indian Army. This department offers you various offers which are beneficial for the ones who are eager to work with this department.

Indian Airforce is serving the country since 1935 which makes it one of the oldest department till then the air force had seen many changes and fought many wars and protected the country many times. Earlier only men are allowed to join the Airforce but now women are also taking part in this institution. For applying the post one must have all the details about that post most importantly the salary which is the main reason of joining this institution

Indian Air Force Airman Salaries in India

Every year Indian Air Force issues various notification for the candidates who are willing to have a government job or who wants to serve their country and have a pride and valor in the society have a great opportunity to join this institution. All the post which are provided by this department comes with great responsibilities so the person who is applying must acquire all the skills to perform their job. There is the various vacant post in the department but they are in number and their salary differs from each other so before applying one must know about the each and every detail so here we tried to cover almost all the details about the various post in the department.

Air Force Pilot Salary India

Indian Air Force Salary Per Month
Indian Air Force Salary Per Month

Indian Airforce Entrance Exam

Indian Air Force every year conducts various exam for different post falls under technical and Non-Technical and both require different qualification. One exam is for the Airman whose main function is to check that all the air and groundwork runs smoothly, they need to be involved in every action happening during operation. Another exam is of AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) in this both male and female can equally take part.

For the other post the vacancy and notification keep on dropping on a regular interval of time but AFCAT is the exam which is conducted twice every year for short service commission in flying branch and for Permanent and Short Service Commission in technical and Ground Duty branches. As the post are divided in Flying, Technical and Ground Duty. While men can apply for both the commission women can apply for an only short serviced commission in all the branches.

Pay Scale of Airmen In Indian Air Force

As it is the governmental job it is not easy to understand the salary structure because of various jobs which are divided into various fields. Just like in Army the India Airforce also provided many benefits to the people working in it. Along with the salary the people get various allowances, Incentives, and many more benefits in this job. Here we are providing you the salary structure ranks in the department. Check the rank in ascending order below.

  • Flying Officer
  • Flying Lieutenant
  • Squadron Leader
  • Wing Commander
  • Group Captain
  • Air Commodore
  • Air Vice Marshall
  • Air Marshall
  • Air Chief Marshall
  • Marshal Of AirForce

Airforce Salary Chart in for Pilot, Engineers, Technician

Now you know about the various officer rank in the department and you have to know that their salary gets increases as they get promoted to the next rank. An Airforce officer starts their journey in the department as the Flying Officer and with the years of hard work and passion they get succeeded to the post of Marshal of the air force.

There are many lower division posts in the department for which the salary is the same as approx. 15000 they receive grade pay of 5400 Military services pay 6000 D.A. 21600 which is 80% of total emolument, Kit maintenance allowance is of 500, Transport allowance is 3200 in metros while 1600 in rest of the towns Flying allowance is 11250 for persons in flying branch and technical allowance is 2500 for the person is technical branch. You are informed that the details are in the approx figure and they can change from time to time and all the values are on monthly basis.

air force pilot salary india
air force pilot salary India

Various Incentives in Air Force


An air force officer gets the insurance of a total of 75,00, 000 and an additional cover is of 10,00,000 which is only for the pilots.


As an officer, there are many loans which you can take like House building loan, Computer Loan, and Conveyance Loan.

Education Opportunities

There are many educational opportunities for the candidates if you are applying in Airforce through NDA you get a degree in Computer Science and Science. It also provides a degree for M.Tech in technical from the various respected institution like IIT. IAF has also tie-ups with the institution like IGNOU to provide long-distance education for officers and airmen.

Placement Cell

Every officer after retirement search for further work as some of the post has early retirement so the Placement Cell of Air force Association provides further employment details to fulfill their needs.

Indian Air force Officers Income Chart and Total Salaries

All the officer rank fall in-band 3&4 check the details below in ascending order

Flying Officer

The Flying Officer get the fair salary of around 15000 to 38000 along with the grade pay of 5400 per month and military service pay of 6000.

Flight Lieutenant

Falling under the Pay Band 3 the flight lieutenant gets s basic salary of around 15000 to 38000 along with the grade pay of 6100 per month and military service pay of 6000.

Squadron Leader

An officer after promotion gets to the position of Squadron leader where his grade pay increases to 6600 while the basic pay remains the same.

Wing commander

After the post of Squadron leader the officer is promoted to the post of Wing Commander from here he enters in the band 4 and his basic pay increases to 37000 to 65000 and grade pay and MSP increases to 7600 & 6000 respectively.

Group Captain

The salary group captain remains the same only his grade pay is increases which is 8700 while MSP also remains the same as 6000.

Air Commodore

The basic pay of Air Commodore is 37000 to 65000 while his basic grade pay is 8900 and MSP is 6000.

Air Vice Marshal

Air marshal gets the salary nearly of 67000 while his grade pay is 12000 and Military service pay is 6000.

Air Marshall

This is the very respected post and it has lots of responsibilities on it and it is achieved after a lot of hard work here the salary is above 68000 and MSP is the same while his grade pay increases to 12000.

There is two other post which does not comes under any bands. They are

Chief Of Commands

Chief of commands receive the salary of around 80000 with all benefits but not with grade pay and the MSP.

Chief of Air Force

This post comes under Chief Pay Band and receives the salary of 90000 just like as Chief Of Command they won’t receive any grade pay and MSP

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Indian Air Force Salary Chart of All Posts

 Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service Pay
Flying Officer 15000-37000 5400 2000
Flight Lieutenant 15000-37000 6100 2000
Squadron Leader 15000-37000 6600 2000
Wing commander37000-6500076002000
Group Captain 37000-65000 8600 2000
Air Commodore 37000-65000 8900 2000
Air Vice Marshal 37000-65000 10000 2000
Air Marshall 37000-65000 12000 6000
Chief Of Commands80000 — —
Chief of Air Force90000 — —


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