After Chidambaram and Shivkumar, screws on this big face of Congress


The CBI has clamped down on former Chief Minister Harish Rawat within a month after former finance minister P. Chidambaram and DK Shivakumar (DK Shivakumar), who is considered the Congress’s troubleshooter in Karnataka. Due to the strictness of the CBI on Harish Rawat, the Congress is also facing difficulties. Harish is the big face of Congress at Uttarakhand and at the Center level.

Currently, the CBI has said to file a case before the High Court. In such a situation, the Congress will suffer big losses due to sudden CBI action on them. In particular, the preparations of the Congress party will be a major setback for the Panchayat elections in Uttarakhand. Here the bugle of panchayat elections is going to be played anytime now. The party may have to bear the brunt of the siege of big faces like Rawat.

Harish Rawat has been in charge of Assam in-charge with the National General Secretary of the Congress. He was continuously active even after the Congress lost badly in the Vic election and then the Lok Sabha elections. He was engaged in creating atmosphere for the Congress among the people by continuously organizing small movements along with the movement throughout the state.

The CBI finally clamped down on former Chief Minister Harish Rawat after a deep and lengthy probe. The CBI, which has been investigating since 2016, has collected so much evidence that it can file an FIR against Harish Rawat. The first episode of this strong trap of CBI was associated with the commencement of preliminary investigation on 29 April 2016.


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