All medical institution should be supported financially


A national conference on the subject of midline posterior fossa tumours (tumour in the back of the head) was held in AIIMS Rishikesh on Saturday. It involved senior neurosurgeons from the country’s medical institutions. On Saturday, the conference was launched by AIIMS Director Padmashree Professor Ravikant. Said that the subject of Neuro Surgery needs to be looked at present. The government wants to reduce the burden of increasing patients for treatment in AIIMS Delhi and PGI Chandigarh. In such a situation, the government need to financially strengthen the medical institutions of national importance around it.

Dr. Ashutosh Kaushal discussed the method of giving anaesthesia to the patient for the operation of the tumour. Dr Nishant Goyal of AIIMS Rishikesh Department of Neuro Surgery gave a lecture on the symptoms of tumours in the back of the brain. Dr. Deepa Joseph described the role of chemotherapy and radiation therapy after the operation of the tumour. Dr Jitendra Chaturvedi, Co-Secretary of the Organizing Committee at the National Conference, conducted a two-stage quiz of Neuro Surgery students from different provinces, the results of the quiz will be announced on Sunday. In the event, the founder of the Society Prof. AK Singh, the Chairman Prof. VD Sinha, Prof. Sarat P. Chandra, former Chairman Prof. Sunil Gupta and many others.


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