B.J.P Keeps increasing its seat in Every Election


The graph of BJP’s victory in the state’s body elections is increasing electoral elections. In this election, BJP has won 40 percent of the state’s bodies. Which is the best performance of the last three elections of saffron party. BJP has managed to win the post of mayor / President in most bodies for the second time. The Congress has achieved success in most 30 per cent of the bodies compared to the last three elections. Both parties got this success at the expense of independents. All the data for the state body elections have now been released. The BJP has managed to win over 40 per cent of the bodies with the highest number of 34 bodies this time.

In the body elections of 2013, the BJP got 31 percent of the body and 30 percent of the seats in the 2008 elections. Thus, the BJP’s victory graph has increased ten percent in the last three elections.  At the same time, the BJP has emerged for the second consecutive time in the municipal elections. The Congress has also achieved success in 30 per cent bodies with 25 bodies this time. In the elections of 2013, the Congress got 29 percent and in 2008 elections, it was successful in 28 percent of the bodies. In this way both teams have been successful in increasing the success percentage in the last three bodies.

In Uttarakhand’s body elections, even if the independents are in power in the wards and the elections, but the dominant power of the independents is decreasing at the head of the municipality and the Nagar Panchayat. The figures of the past three times make it tasteful. Independents, who left behind BJP-Congress in 2008, had won 37 percent of the bodies. In 2013, the independents came to 31 percent and in 2018 it came to 27 percent. In this way, the BJP-Congress is getting an edge over the limited strength of the independents, in which the BJP is much better.


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