Before Modi’s Kedar tour, there will be chaosed arrangements


Several other officers, including Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh, visited Kedarnath on Sunday. During this time, he also supervised the reconstruction work and also prepared preparations for the arrival of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister in November. On the PM tour, several senior officers, including the Chief Secretary, reached the helicopter at Kedarnath on Sunday morning. Drinking water tank of the Water Institute, which was adjacent to VIP Helipad, was inspected by the Chief Secretary.

To get this form repaired with stones from all the sides of this tank, they instructed the water institution. Directed DDMA to paint the guardrail. For the arrival of the Prime Minister, in the Kedarnath Temple premises, briaking in the proper direction, cleaning the entire temple premises and back and forth, to complete the 50 feet wide pedestrian crossing from the roundabout to the temple, to complete cleanliness, DDMA Instructions for completion of immediate Land Sketching and other work on this site by October 31 are given in this work.¬†For the use of media personnel deployed in the Prime Minister’s program by the Chief Secretary, the District Magistrate was directed to construct a Media Gallery, VIP Forum, Pandal at some suitable site near the temple. There were many officers present on this occasion.

Kedarnath, who was demolished in a disaster, was asked to complete the work left on Garudchatri pedestrian path. Where ATV can be operated. On the hillside of Mandakini river, instructions were given to install a garland of cave in the cave created for the sadhana of the sadhus. The Chief Secretary instructed VIP VIPs from the helipad to repair electric poles and wires falling on the pedestrian path to the guest house of GMVN. The cable was also told to underground


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