BJP leader Anil Goyal found with 70 lakh cash of liquid assets


Income tax has got cash worth over Rs 70 lakh and three kg of gold jewelery from the bases of BJP leader Anil Goyal. In addition, documents have been found in many land of millions of rupees. There are also information about more than 40 companies of the Goyal family in the impressions. Information about seven bank lockers of the Goyal family, which are likely to get documents of more jewelery, land. During the impressions, Anil Goyal also tried to mislead the income tax team and he deleted all the data from his mobile. The action was going on at different locations until Saturday night.

Goyal family in Dehradun and Roorkee, while on the other 13 days of Garg family in Delhi and Yamuna Nagar, income tax action is still going on. Till late night alone, the Goyal family got cash worth more than Rs. 70 lakhs from the different locations of the Goal family, in which alone Anil Goyal got a cash of three million and three kg of gold from the house near MKP College. In the investigation of income tax, the quality stock of Rs.5 crore was found from Quality Mart alone, which was not even registered in the stock registrar.

At the same time, the team has also got 10 million shares of stock stock. On the Saharanpur road alone, documents of more than 60 acres of land have been received, on which Goyal family is preparing to set up a new university. These lands have been purchased by checking and cash on different names. Although he could not provide information to the team about the amount of cash given to buy the land. Here, Amarender Kumar, chief director of income tax investigation, said that income tax is taking action with fairness.


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