BJP will raise cleanliness as the goal of winning Body Election


Bharatiya Janata Party has targeted the Dehradun municipal corporation elections to win by a margin of one lakh votes. Simultaneously, the goal of winning councilor’s 80 plus seats has been achieved. The BJP had convened the meeting on Thursday in the party’s state office over the Dehradun Municipal Corporation elections. Important decisions were taken during the elections. During this, it was decided that in every Assembly constituency, the MLAs of the constituency would be the convener of the election. With this, decision to make cleanliness as the biggest issue was also taken.

Meanwhile, party office bearers said that Rowdy workers and people should be celebrated by the party. The elections being held before the Lok Sabha elections have been asked to take it seriously. In this meeting Chief Minister Trivandrum Rawat said that this election is very important. He said that through the local city body we get an opportunity to serve the public directly. He said that 65 percent of the people today is the main issue of cleanliness, which will be our special attention.

The Chief Minister further said that after joining the Dehradun Municipal Corporation, the development of rural areas will be faster. Because the budget will increase three times and solve problems related to road power, water and sewer. He said that the dam constructed on Saung river will supply 24 hours of water to Dehradun. During this, BJP state president Ajay Bhatt said that keeping in view the enthusiasm of the workers, we are confident that over the Mayor’s post, we will win more than one lakh votes.


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