BJP’s won five out of 7 wins, Congress occupied 2 in Uttrakhand State Body Election


In the Uttarakhand municipal elections, BJP has performed a lot. The BJP won the Mayor’s post in seven municipal corporations in seven. Whereas Congress has achieved success on the Mayors of Corporations. Even at the chairmanship of the Nagar Panchayats, the BJP did a great job and achieved success in 18 cities. At the same time, Congress has managed just seven more independents in 12 places. However, Congress’s performance in municipalities was good. Congress managed to grab a chair in 14 municipalities. BJP has got success in 13 municipalities and 13 independents.

  • Mayor candidate in Dehradun, Sunil Udayiyal gamma won by 35632 votes
  • Congress’s Anita Sharma won the post of municipal mayor in Haridwar. Anita Sharma defeats Annu Kakad of BJP by nearly 8000 votes.
  • Mayor of Haldwani Jogendra Routale of BJP won by ten thousand 854 votes. He defeated Sumit Hridesh of Congress
  • Mayor of Kotdwar municipal corporation won by Hemlata Negi of Congress. He defeated Independent Division Chauhan by one thousand 568 votes.
  • In Rudrapur Mayor’s post, Rampal of Bharatiya Janata Party won elections with about 4500 votes.
  • BJP candidate Usha Chaudhary won the votes of five thousand 472 votes in Kashipur.

In the head of the municipality and municipal council (Nagar Panchayat), the BJP has achieved great success in most bodies while performing well. While independents on the posts of Ward members, the BJP and Congress tasted the taste of defeat. Both parties have not been able to get seats equal to the independents even in the outcome of the declared members. Out of the 67 results declared so far, BJP has managed to become president in 27 urban bodies. In the 21 bodies, the Nirali have betrayed, whereas the Congress has got success in 19 bodies.

Independent candidates in the municipal corporation, municipality, and municipal councils have won the elections. However, in the municipal corporations, party members have won much. The results have been announced in 817 wards out of 1064 posts of members. Independent candidates have managed the highest number of 464 wards. While 215 members of the BJP and 132 members of the Congress have been elected. While the BSP had won one and two members of the U.K.D. and the SP.


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