BJP’s alliance is half adjusted in the government


Almost half of the BJP provincial organizations have been adjusted in the government. These are now in double role, in such a way, taking time for the organization will be a challenge for them. The government has so far shared responsibilities in three phases. The office bearers of the office-bearers opened and the minister of 8 officers and the minister of state level were able to get status. 5 office bearers have already been elected MLA, while State Minister Sunil Udayiyal Gamma has also become mayor of Dehradun.

The list of leaders of other provinces in the BJP is also long, but only a limited number of them have been adjusted in the government. Apart from this, dissatisfaction in the in-house party is also flourishing. A few months before the election of the year 2017, the likes of the BJP leaders from the Congress have not been able to adjust. These leaders are also showing fury. However, it is certain that some senior leaders deprived of the liabilities can be given new responsibility in the party.

Some leaders also have to say that when the party’s government lives, some office bearers get adjusted in the government and when the party remains in the role of the opposition, then they are in a big role in the organization.¬†According to Ajay Bhatt, state president of Bharatiya Janata Party, there is little time for the general elections. In such a situation, the shuffle will not be correct in the party organization immediately. By then the office bearers can play dual responsibilities. If necessary, new workers will also be given responsibility in the organization.


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