How To Prepare For BSF Exam for Constable, SI, AC – Preparation Tips for Border Security Forces


BSF Exam Preparation Tips for students for the post of Constable , Sub Inspector. Check Exam Pattern & physical Standards.

Hello friend, we are back again with another article based on the BSF. BSF is one of the most important forces in India. It is also called as a First line of defence. . It works to maintain the peace in the border areas. BSF provides an excellent career in the defence department for the young people. The recruitment is organized for the male & female candidates for the gazetted and non-gazetted ranks from all over the India.

The candidates who are going to apply for the BSF must check all the details of the recruitment process. The candidates who are preparing for the same will get the details of the information you are getting for it. before you start the prep, you can check the details from here & achieve the goals you set for you.

How To Prepare For BSF Exam
How To Prepare For BSF Exam

The students who want to have a defence jobs, they must have seen many pros in the same. The most important are a good income, job security and that patriotic feeling to serve our Country.

So in this article, we will provide you all the details that will help you to know about the BSF preparations.

How To Prepare For BSF – Keep An Eye On Recruitment Notification

The candidates who are studying for the BSF jobs must know all the aspects of the same. If you really want to join BSF, then you need to know & visit the official website to have more details.The recruitment notifications are given here for more details.

The candidates must know about the deadline & the documents that are needed in the recruitment process.  The application needs to be submitted in the recruitment cell so that the application process an be made properly.

Documents Required in BSF Application Process

The candidates must carry all the documents given below.

  • 10th class passing certificate or mark sheet.
  • 12th pass or equivalent passing certificate from a recognized School or University.
  • Graduate degree in any discipline or equivalent from recognized University/Institution.
  • NCC Certificates for advantage (if have any).

Note:The candidates who will undergo through physical tst & will qualify will only be send for the document verification.

Recruitment Process

The online application of candidates of the desired post must be checked so that the official information can be seen from there. The time & venue of the exam is used to prepare & go for the exam centre.

The applicants must met the eligibility criteria to apply for any post. The candidates who won’t meet the criteria will not be considered for the recruitment. The eligibility also includes the physical process such as height, weight & chest.

How To Prepare For BSF – Physical Test

The tips to prepare for the BSF physical test are written here.

Physical Standard Test (PST) and Physical Endurance Test (PET)

The most challenging phase of BSF recruitment process is physical test. The candidates who are going to apply for the posts must know that the physical test is mandatory for any the post. These includes the height, weight and chest measurement, which is mention in eligibility criteria section.

The candidates who will qualify for the PST will be send for the PET. The criteria for the PET are differenet for the male & females. These tests are not of any marks. These tests are of qualifying nature. There are some other physical tests like track races, jumps and shotput.

Tips for PST

As we know the PST includes height, weight and chest, you can’t make this all in one day. You need to work months before so that you can go to the recruitment process. Height is the non changing part of the body. If you have the minimum height for the BSF, then you can start the preparation.

While the other physical standards in the same process are time consuming. You can follow some of the options given here.

  • For a little height increase, you can start with simple exercises like skipping, pull ups and running and most important thing your diet, it will help you effectively.
  • Do get a perfect body shape, you need to do exercises, running & other impulsive physical workouts to get the best physical shape. You need to make proper diet & timings in the same.

Tips for PET

The Physical Efficiency test is based on endurance of the body. The PET test is based on  includes races, jumps, shotput etc.So you need to make regular & daily session for high practice in at least 2 to 3 months before the test.

Tips For Running:

The candidates who feels lazy for running in the early morning or who starts procastinating the same, they won’t be getting the jb if they won’t change the habits. So you need to use your strong will power in order to make a good running stamina for your physical test.These are some of the points which you need to know.

  • Start running but choose a soft surface to run else your knees will be hurting soon. Run in a soil or grass like play grounds.
  • Start drinking good amount of water before and after running but in a gap of one hour. You don’t need to dehydrate while  practice.
  • Always start running with a stretching so as to avoid any chances of muscle injuries.

Tips For Jumps & Shotput

This is a very important phase in the recruitment process. So you need to focus in a very good way. If you disqualified in this phase, you will be send back. If you don’t know much about this, then you need to read some tips to help for it.

The better technique are Jumps & shotput. If you will start your practice with the best technique then you will  be going well with less or no injuries & better results.

Long jump:- Simply called run and jump. Start with a potential & increase your speed during running & legs in forward direction , don’t look down as you can lose your speed. Land with your feet so that you touch the finish line.

High jump:- Start running steady like you do in a 100 meter race. Do not run towards the bar & make J shape. Start with with your dominant leg that can be left or right. Take of 5 inche bar & take a land from your heel. Try to practice on regular basis of landing and jumping for best output on test day.

Shotput: The first step to hold the shotput by the base of fingers. Don’t do it with your palm & spread your fingers over the shotput despite of thumb which is used for support. Place your shotput near neck under your jaw part, shift your elbow parallel to ground and your palm pointing to throwing direction. Keep your eyes towards your goal, keep your elbow high while punching the shot, your left body will be locked at that time, throw it with full energy.

Warning :- Always do this practice with proper guidance so that you can see the impacts & results of the same. We will provide you only reading overview, but a good instructor is still mandatory.

How To Prepare For BSF – Written Exam

Written exam is one of the most important part of any selection process. You vcan’t see any exam which is not started with a written exam. So if you are going to see all the details of th e written test, then you will be able to know that the written exam has so many topics to study. You need to learn to focus , proper planning and with an idea of time management, to achieve all the success.

So we are here to provide you a simple explanation of the planning. We are here to tell you some basic points which will let you know how planning can be used to make your written test score better.

First you need to know how you have to start before you start studying. There are some steps which you need to know about the preparation for written test.You have to work very hard for the exam until you achieve the success.

The exam pattern of Constable GD is an objective type paper. It is based on 100 questions of total 100 marks. The duration of exam is 2 hours.  For Sub Inspector (SI)/Assistant Commandant (AC) exam there will be two papers (Paper-I and Paper-II).

Tips to Prepare for BSF written Exam

The good planning always works in the better way. You need to decide how & when you will complete all the course so as to revise it multiple times before you start for the final preparation.

Make a time table for the study so that you can check the details of the same from here. You need to study minimum four hours to make a smooth approach in the same. Collect your notes and books and study them regularly.

Start reading a good newspaper daily so that you can get all the current affairs in the single paper. This helps you to improve your general awareness, general knowledge and English.

Make a habit to make notes of important topics which you need to study in better way. You have to improve yourself in the memory & as well as the calculation skills. You need to make such fast calculation that you don’t need to lift the pen & paper to solve an equation (simpler ones). These will help you to know how you can get all the details of question & the solving will be done in the given time limit.

The previous year question papers must be seen by the aspirants in order to know the exam pattern & formation of any question. So you need to know how a question must be seen & approached before you start any question in the exam. Keep your study enjoying as you will be able to make it better with enjoyment.

How To Prepare For BSF – Medical Exam

The candidates must also be physically fit in the terms of any PET test. You need to check yourself for any medical anomaly. The most common are knock-knee, flat foot, or squint in your eyes and must be in good mental and body health and should be free from any physical defect.

These are some following points you need to know before going to any medical exam.

  • Start doing exercises for eyes like eye rotation, left-right, diagonally eye movement.
  • Clean the ear wax before going to exam so that it won’t become hurdle for you in medical test.
  • Try practicing for the meditations & yoga to make better mental health plus physical health. This will provide you better peace and flexibility to body.
  • Make proper sleep, eat healthy foodsin your routine always go to regular checkups.

How To Prepare For BSF – Personal Interview (PI)

The medical exam is conducted to create a filter between all the candidates who are declared fit physically. The candidates who clear the medical test will be shortlisted to the personal Interview. The questions in the PI will be based on some personal life. These questions could be of about your living place or hometown, why you wanna join BSF, your choice/preferences of forces, questions regarding educational qualification, hobbies, etc.

The main objective to conduct a PI is to check the knowledge of candidate & his presence of mind so that to check his ability in terms of Leadership & Integrity. So you need to focus on all these points. These skills does not come one day, you need to practice them over time.

Note: PI is conducted only for the candidates who have applied for assistant commandant.

Merit List

As you are studying & preparaing for the physcical test & written test. You must follow all the points with the use of your pateince. We are providing you details of these selection criteria.

a merit list is based on the marks that we socre in the written test. The better part is made by the Personal Interview. One has to get maximum marks in the written exam and PI.

If this article helps you, then you can see other article based on the BSF selection prcess. You can share all this on social media too. If you have any doubts, please writte comment to let us know. Thank You.


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