Check BSF Border security force salary in terms of rank & pay band with total salary chart.

BSF is a para military force of India which aims to maintain the peace and restrict crime in the border areas of country. It is the worlds largest border guarding force in the world. BSF provides various recruitment process which will be advertised time to time. If you are willing to join BSF in any of the posts mentioned , then you can see the career details, promotions and other things in the same. There are so many benefits which a BSF Employee gets in the job.

BSF Rank Wise Salary

Every year, there are so many applicants in the BSF recruitment, but so less of them are selected in the same. A proper research will provide you enough information and you will get some details on the same. The question which arises in your mind are to be answered here. We will provide you all the details to become a BSF soldier.

There is a very strong possibility of applicants that who apply in the BSF jobs do not have any prior knowledge on the salary structure. If you are trying to get a job in BSF, then you can get all the details regarding the salary of the BSF Employee. You will get all the details of the BSF salary structure.

BSF Rank Wise Salary

BSF selection process is not an easy job to get. The candidates who are aspiring for the BSF jobs , then you need to check the details of the preparation. You don’t just need physical preparation but you also need mental preparation. There are so many candidates who give up in the training period.

If you are going to join BSF, then you can see how you are going to earn per month. This is a very common question which we will be discussing here.

There are so any terms which a government employee needs to know. These terms are few terms like grade pay, pay band, basic pay etc. So, that everything become clear to you.

Pay Band

Pay Band provides a range of salary that is given to the particular post. There are total 18 levels of Pay Scale which calculates the Basic pay. After you join the BSF, the first year starts with the lowest and move to the next in the following year. The increment rate of BP is around 3% per annum.

Basic Pay

The amount paid to the employee is called Basic Salary. This amount is based on the reductions or increases in terms of bonus or any allowance. The basic pay is the sum of the grade pay and the pay in the pay band.

Grade Pay

The Grade Pay is the amount which is given to the government employee which is recieved after the basic pay & it depends on the class of the employee. The dearness allowances & other allowances is calculated on the sum of basic pay and grade pay.

As you are explained the basic terms used in the salary of BSF which will provide you salary structure. Now we can see the rank structure in the BSF hierarchy.

Rank Structure In BSF

The rank structure is categorized in two categories i.e. Gazetted Officer and Non Gazetted Officer.

Under Gazetted Officer

Assistant Commandant> Deputy Commandant> Second-in-Command> Commandant> Deputy Inspector General> Inspector General> Additional Director General>Special Director General> Director General

Non Gazetted Officers

Constable> Head Constable> Assistant Sub Inspector> Sub Inspector> Inspector> Subedar Major

Indian BSF Salary Structure

The pay scale varies from Rs. 6000 for a constable to Rs. 80,000 for a Director General. All the posts are assigned with a different pay band. You need to know about the rank hierarchy of BSF it will become easier for you to understand he salary structure.

As you know the 7th pay commission has been given to the BSF employees for the salaries. The CPC has been increased higher level. The salary and the pension scheme has been provided and restructured and the allowances are modified in accordance with the 7th pay commission.

Here is the summary of salary structure in BSF.

The cash in hand given in the hands of employee is the approximation of the total salary. It actual amount may vary significantly, therefore readers are advised not to entirely depend on this table.

Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Cash in hand (in ₹ Approx.)
Director General Apex scale
Spl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Addl Director General PB-4 (37400-67000) 12000 105000
Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 10000 95000
Deputy Inspector General PB-4 (37400-67000) 8900 85000
Commandant PB-4 (37400-67000) 8700 82000
Second-in-Command PB-3 (15600-39100) 7600 73000
Deputy Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 6600 65000
Assistant Commandant PB-3 (15600-39100) 5400 52000
Subedar Major PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4800 45000
Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4600 40000
Sub-Inspector PB-2 (9300-34800 ) 4200 35000
Asstt Sub Inspector PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2800 31000
Head Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2400 27000
Constable PB-1 (5200-20200 ) 2000 23000
Enrolled Follower PB-IS (4440- 7440 ) 1300 18000


The employees who stay in the post of BSF for a long time get a salary hike with out any promotion of the post. This means if some one is a constable for a long time , then he gets a salary hike & this lets you increase the amount automatically.

Promotion In BSF

The rank structure of BSF is divided into two main categories i.e. Gazetted officers and Non Gazetted officers. The promotion is given on the various criteria. The promotion of members are based on the non gazetted officers like constable to head constable or head constable to inspector are based on merit.

The promotion is based on the departmental exam conducted by the BSF. The promotion exams are of qualifying nature. The pass marks will provide you a promotion on the next post on which you are now. Like a person who is posted as a Head Constable will be send to the next level as Head Constable to Sub Inspector.

The minimum service required for the promotion is also a criteria. The promotion duration for the constable to head constable you must have 8 years of service as Constable of which 5 years service in a service coy of duty Bn with Medical Cat Shape-I.

There are so many criteria which are needed to get a promotion in the BSF job. If you are a Gazetted Officer , then you you don’t have to pass any pre-promotion courses but there are some specific requirements that one has to fulfill.

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Hope this helps you in knowing about the BSF salary structure. If you want to know more about this or you have any question, then you can ask your question in the comment section. We will let you know about the same.

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