Central Government is guilty of making false facts in Supreme Court


Former Chief Minister and Congress National General Secretary Harish Rawat, while addressing the Center’s Modi government on the Rafael issue, said the Modi government is guilty of submitting wrong documents in the Supreme Court. He said that the documents presented before the Supreme Court to the Supreme Court are completely hypothetical.

Talking to reporters in Haldwani, Rawat said that the constitutional order of our country says that the report of the CAG should be first put in Parliament, after which there is further action on it. But the Central Government has done misleading the court by keeping a fictitious report of the CAG directly to the Supreme Court. They raised the question that the price of the RAFEL aircraft in 2013 was 526 million, how can it be 1670 million today? The answer should be given to the Modi government. He also said that when the then central government had decided to buy 126 Rafale aircraft in 2013, why this number got reduced to 36 today. The answer is also by the people of the country.

Congress will take this issue completely out of Parliament and Parliament. Rawat also attacked the state government on the local problems of Uttarakhand. He made a strong comment on the implementation of reservation for state agitators in the state, not fixation of sugarcane price and non-state capital issue. Rawat recently said in the matter of expulsion of party workers that it could be the party’s decision. Those who have been associated with them for decades, have an emotional association with them and will remain


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