Chain snatchers did one more robbery after 12 days in Haridwar


It is believed that chain snatchers are back with double practice in our religious city. Chain snatchers did three incidents of robbery in 3 different locations within 45 minutes near Jwalapur and Kankhal.

The district police are on alert to grab the chain snatchers who performed their robbery on their black Pulsar bike without any number plate. People are panic due to three robbery incidents in 45 minutes by these snatchers.

The first incident was done around 12:45 at noon in Subhash Nagar, Jwalapur. A woman who is a housewife name Madhu was standing outside of her house with her husband Gopal Tiwari. In the meantime, two young guys stopped near them on a black motorcycle.

The person who was sitting behind the bike went to women with a reason to ask the address. Unless the woman understands, he snatched her chain from her neck and ran on the bike.

She made noise to call people but till then they ran away from their range. Another incident was done by these snatchers in Rajlok Vihar near highway. In this incident, the woman was managing her grocery store, here one thief become a customer and ask to buy something but when she went to take stuff, they tried to clean their hand on her money box. She tried to stop them and then they snatched her chain and runaway. When police got the news of these incident then the whole police force of Haridwar, Ranipur, Kankhal, Jwalapur, Bhadrabaad, and Sidkul region became alert. SSP Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj order to solve these cases in the meantime.


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