Challan of 10 thousand will not be deducted if pollution certificate is not available, know how


If you do not have a pollution certificate, there is nothing to worry about. Your challan of 10 thousand rupees will not be deducted. Yes, without the proof of 10 thousand rupees but not 500 rupees challan provision is in the new MV Act. After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, there is a huge rush at the pollution check-up centers. People are conducting pollution checks for fear of invoicing 10 thousand rupees. However, it is not like that. Additional Transport Commissioner (Uttarakhand) Sunita Singh has said that people are getting more worried about pollution investigation. The new rates have not yet been implemented in Uttarakhand. Currently, invoices are being made at the old rates only.

He said that there is a provision of ten thousand rupees germane in the new MV Act, but this will be done when the vehicle is found to be polluting during investigation. There is a fine of Rs 500 for not having a certificate. After the challan one week time is given for conducting pollution check. New investigation centers will open soon. The limited number of pollution check centers in Doon are being hit, but the Transport Department is not showing much interest in opening new centers. People are not even given proper information at the headquarters.

People have got one day and night to conduct a pollution check of vehicles. There are only 19 investigation centers in the city. According to which daily investigations are taking, it will take 140 days to test seven lakh vehicles. The penalty has been increased for the new Motor Vehicle Act for not having the vehicle’s pollution check certificate. Crowds have been gathering at the investigation centers since September 1.


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