College of Politicians are never investigated in Scholarship scam


SIT is going to send a notice to SIT to the silver cutting educational institutions in the scholarship scam of the society. They are seeking students’ data. At the same time, institutions of big leaders have the most silver cut. In the name of admission of scheduled caste and tribe students, the institutions have done a lot of scams. This is being said to be a scam over 500 crores. With a big scandal at the institution of the relatives of influential leaders, the SIT is also stepping into the funnel. Sources said that in the year 2016, the Social Welfare Department also sought a report from educational institutions at 8 points.

Presidents of scholarship seekers were asked to attend the caste certificate, permanent residence, income certificate and recognition of the course. However, the institutions of influential people did not provide this information. It is being told that some officers of the Social Welfare Department are also involved in this. These officers have been disturbed by the SIT investigation. In this scandal, many officers may come under investigation. Here, Manjunath T.C, in-charge of SIT, said that the educational institutions will be tested by the influential leader or the underprivileged people, all such institutions will be tested.

There are also institutes of relatives of big leaders in the districts of Dehradun and Haridwar. Along with this, some influential people also have educational institutions. They got the highest amount in the name of scholarship. Because of his powerful relationships, he gave scholarships of lakhs of rupees in each academic session. Sources say that some students have got a scholarship, but scholarship has been grabbed by showing fake names of most of them. SIT sources said that from the year 2012 to 17, the self-funded institutions of Dehradun and Haridwar who have received the scholarship in the name of the admission of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students will be all in its purview. The number of such colleges is being reported to more than 100, who have made a big scandal in scholarship in the name of students of these classes.


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