Uttrakhand Election: Congress is the first choice in Muslim-dominated areas.


Muslims, who have traditionally been voted Congress, has given full support to the Congress in the municipal elections this time too. Congress candidate Dinesh Agarwal gets bumper votes in Muslim-dominated wards BJP has failed to get votes even after giving tickets to four Muslims. Rais Ahmed from Dhammawala, Retha Mandi from Nadeem Ali, Mehunwala, Khaleda lost badly, but Aftab Ahmed, who won from Majra, could not even vote for Mayor candidate Sunil Udayiyal Gamma. In Majra ward, Gama lagged behind with 616 votes. While Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Rajni Rawat managed to break into Muslim voters in some areas but did not get the votes as per the expectations.

The SP, BSP, and U.K.D. got the votes counting in these wards. In Ward 26 Dhhamawar, 2132 out of 2132, Congress has got 1224, BJP has 436, and you have 306, Ward 49 is 389 in Dhamawala, Congress has 2693, BJP has 694 and you have 217, Ward 69 Congress in 1984 in Ritha mandi, 228 for BJP, 364 in Ward 77 in Majra, 1631 for Congress, 1015 for BJP, 774 in Ward, Ward 75 in Lohianagar 4305 Congress, 2178 for BJP, 1063 for BJP And you got 624, Ward 88 from Allahabad, 3952 in Congress, 2981 for Congress, 249 for BJP and 397 for you.

Ward 70 Lakshibag and Ward 74 Brahmapuri also contains about 40 percent of the population of Muslims. In Luckkhig, two-time councilor Sushil Gupta lost to Congress’s Ayush Gupta, while in the mayor’s election, Gama lagged behind by 806 votes. While Satish Kashyap himself got a glorious victory in Brahmapuri. Rather, gamma has given 181 votes. In the earlier municipal elections, a former winner of the ward Vinod Chamoli received a large number of votes in two elections. Dharmapoor MLA Chamoli also campaigned in these wards, but he could not even vote for gamma.


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