Congress’s boycott the governance of the governor and demand of dismissal of government in the poisonous liquor scam


The budget session of the Trivandrum Government started on Monday with a ruckus. During the Governor’s address, the Congress blamed the government for the poisonous liquor scandal, and the Congress created a ruckus inside the House. As soon as the address began, the Congress legislators also demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister and Excise Minister and boycotted the House. The Congress has questioned the decision of the Governor to start the posting before the scheduled time.

According to the scheduled time the Governor’s address was to start from 11 o’clock. But before the Governor’s time, before reaching the assembly, he was brought within the House seven minutes earlier. The governor also began to read the speech after sitting a few moments and started the speech. As soon as the address was started, the Congress Legislative Party’s Deputy Leader Karan Mahra, MLA Harish Dhami, Kazi Nizamuddin came to the Well with planks in hand. They sloganeously condemned the government for the poisonous liquor scandal and demanded to sack the government.

The proceedings of the House were to begin at 11 o’clock, but it was started prematurely. The ruling party has violated the religious tradition. this is wrong. Second, the state government is responsible for the poisonous liquor scandal. That is why Congress has also demanded the dismissal of this government from the governor.


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