Crisis on the existence of all the Kent boards in the country, preparing to finish


The existence of all the cantonment boards in the country is facing a crisis of crisis. The army has recommended to shut down the Canton boards. On this, the Ministry of Defense has constituted a committee headed by former IAS officer Sumit Bose. This committee will submit reports to the Ministry by surveying other activities including revenue generation of all the counters. After the report, the Ministry will decide whether to close the Canton boards or not.

According to sources, a few months ago the army prepared a survey report in the in-house. According to this report, the Ministry of Defense spent around four hundred seventy million rupees per year on the civilian living in 62 Cantt Board of the country. In a meeting recently held in the Defense Building, the army gave its arguments to the proposal. Military officers said that their contact with civilian life remains low. In such a situation, it should be carried out in view of the security and budget of the civil service, so that the right use of this budget can be used by the army in its activities.

If the time for closure of the cant board, then the employees here will be merged in the station headquarters and the MES department. At the same time, problems may arise for contractual employees and outsourced employees. However, this process may take a long time. The biggest obstacle to transfer the cant boards is to transfer land. Because there are many Cantonment boards, where the civilians live on the defence ground. In such a situation, the problem of land transfer is to be the highest in eliminating these people from the military sector.


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