Dehradun: Complex operators have to vacate the basement


There were warehouses built in the basement parking lot, then there were gyms and snooker pointers running somewhere. This was revealed in the survey conducted by MDDA after the High Court order. The MDDA has cut off the invoices of 1100 such shopping complex operators in the city. Hearing of such shopping complex operators has also started in MDDA. They are being given time to vacate the basement. According to MDDA officials, if parking is not started by emptying the basement on time, then the sealing action will be done as per rules. The High Court has ordered against the encroachment. It also included an order for basement parking. MDDA was surveying basement parking in the city for the last one month. After preparing the final report, the challans of about 1100 shopping complex operators have been deducted. All these have been given time to hear in MDDA.

Due to this, there was a large crowd in MDDA on Thursday. The MDDA secretary and joint secretary are hearing such cases every day. MDDA Secretary GC Gunwant said that while passing the map, such shopping complex showed parking in the basement, but when survey was done, instead of parking there were found commercial activity like godown, gym, snooker point, hotel, shops etc. Action has been taken against about 1100 complex operators. All these have been given time for hearing.


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