Dehradun’s youth will be saved by making brick from polythene


The youth of Dehradun and Mussoorie have started a unique initiative to save the Himalayas. These youth have started collecting polythene from the tourist spots of mountain and plains or the brick making. The youth has set up a machine plant in Mehunwala as a pilot project. In which 60 bricks are being made daily. After two days a big machine is going to come, after which 250 bricks can be made per day with 200 kg polythene and 150 kg sand.

This is the project of the Sustainable Green Initiative Foundation of the young Durgesh Raturi of Mussoorie. He says that the plastic bottle picks up the garbage picker. But packets of chips, crisps, samples, etc. are not picked up. This waste remains like drains, mountains, which pollutes the environment. This campaign will not only protect the environment but also provide employment to the youth. Order has been received from Indian Oil for bricks. Rajat Verma, young B.Tech student of Biological Vasudha working for environmental protection, Young Sagar Singh, Anupam Molpa, Dinesh Chand are operating the plant.

The youth with the institutions have collected 400 kg plastic and polythene waste from the vacuum collector Mussoorie and Doon. Which is being used. Told that going to the hilly areas, polythene will also be collected from there. Rajat Verma of Biological Vasudha says that polythene will also be separated from the garbage collection centers of Municipal Corporation Doon, Mussoorie and other. Right now their vehicles are collecting polythene from urban and rural areas. At the same time, polythene will be collected by campaigning in schools.


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