Difficulty For ITBP soldiers to reach China border due to bad road conditions


Pithoragarh district shares the 141-km-long border with China. and the responsibility of securing this area is in the hands of 7th and 14th corps of ITBP. There are in excess of 20 villages in the outskirt zone. The district’s village of Lipu shares the border between the two nations. On one hand the China has conveyed the road to the Indian border in its region and on the other hand in the Indian area, the locals and ITBP troopers even today need to walk more than 60 km in excess to reach to the base camp in Lipu close to the China district.

After providing the railway facility in the Lhasa region, China is now preparing to connect the Tilakot Business Market with the railway. On the other side of the coin contrary, young soldiers in the Indian border are forced to walk on narrow pedestrian and icy roads. Many people on the villages of Indo-China border are migrating fast in the absence of development. Life is ruined for people living here during the extreme severe conditions. In such a situation, the villages which have been fast evacuating on the border have become a challenge in terms of national security.

This track is very imortant for the ITBP, and the Mangti-Gunji-Lipukh road is very important the roadwork which was started in 1992 of Tawaghat-Lipukh road which is about 97 km have been made. but it still remains remains sensitive. In this part, there is a problem facing the continuous landslides and rocks. The speed of construction work is very slow in these routes. Tawaghat-Lipupal motor road is very vital as far as security concern. Kailas Mansarovar Yatra goes through this course as well. Kailas Mansarovar traveler and agent go from the vehicle in the piece of China in front of Lipu pass. This road is very important in terms of tourism, business and safety


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