DM Swati Bhadauriya’s car attacked, accused arrested in Chamoli


On the official car of Chamoli District Magistrate Swati Bhadauria, a young man broke the glass of the car by attacking a sharp weapon. According to the direct audience, the youth attacked the glass of the car from the cache. There was also a 2 year old son of District Magistrate Swati Bhadauriya in the car. Who was going to Anganwadi center to read. While lodging the case, the police has taken action against Najibabad resident Mohammed Shahjan in this incident. The accused acts as a barber in a barber shop on the temple road.

According to the incident, driver Pushkar was carrying Anganwadi center to his son in the car at the 9 o’clock in the car on Wednesday. DM Swati Bhadauriya on Tuesday made his son Admishan in Anganwadi village. When DM’s car was approaching the temple route, a small car was blown on a motorcycle parked on the side of the road. In this case, the young man working in the Barber shop took away the scissors and attacked the rear glass on the back of the car.

Driver of the car Pushkar said that I also apologized for the scourge on motorcycle but the youth did not consider it and got attacked by a scissor. Police have registered a case under the Police Act taking cognizance and the youth is being questioned. Police officers say that no Tahrir has come on behalf of the driver or on behalf of the plaintiff side in this case. Upon arrival of Tehri, advance action will be taken.


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