Education minister stopped imposing winter training gives relief to UK teacher


Education Minister Arvind Pandey took a big step considering the anger of the teachers about the winter training. He instructed the officials to cancel the winter training. The teachers were very angry with the training of winter holidays. The education department was imparted training on winter vacations between January 1 to 13 January. There was a plan to train 40 thousand teachers.

On Saturday, the education minister gave instructions to teachers for their displeasure. He has sent his OSD Narendra Tiwari to Director-ART Seema Jonsari for action. It is known that Johnsari was firm on training. The teacher was quite upset with this. The Primary Teachers Association also announced to boycott the training while coming forward openly.

Sangh president Digvijay Singh Chauhan says the teacher is not against training. Its methods and time are against. Teachers do not get EL vacancies like other employees. These holidays are imposed on them during the winter and summer. If the training is to be done then it can also be done during the working day. Teachers also have their own personal programs during the winter holidays. Officials should make practical decisions and not dictatorships.


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