IGNOU B.Com Exam Syllabus pdf 2018| B.Com Open University Syllabus Pdf Download


IGNOU B.Com Exam Syllabus pdf| B.Com Open University Syllabus Pdf Download B.Com Sample Paper B.Com Model Test Paper Pdf Available

IGNOU B.Com Exam Syllabus pdf

Indira Gandhi National Open University known as IGNOU, is a university which provides various distance learning course to teh student those who are not able to study ful time course or are not able to study a full time course. The university is named after the late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandh and was built up in 1985, after the Parliament of India passed the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act, 1985. IGNOU is controlled by the focal legislature of India, and with add up to dynamic enlistment of more than 4 million understudies. IGNOU is one of teh biggest university of teh country as it holds the number of branches all over the country.

B.Com Open University Syllabus Pdf Download

The B.Course in the IGNOU is a three years curse and the course is not divided into aany semester. This is the golden chance for the student those who cannot attend the full time classes for the course. In here the classes are held weekly and the candidates need to attend them and maintain to keep their attendance. In order to give the exam.

Course CodeNameNo. Of Periods
FEG-02Foundation Course in English4
FST-1Foundation Course in Science and Technology8
FEG-1Foundation Course in English-14
FHD-2Foundation Course in Hindi-24
FHD-1Foundation Course in Hindi-14
MSW-009Community Organisation Management for Community Development8


We are providing the detailed syllabus for you in the blow of every table

Foundation Course in English

  • Descriptive linguistics- language as a discipline, structure of a language, objectives of
    English morphology, syntax and uses, kinds of sentences.
  • Methods and approaches of English Teaching- Translation cum Grammar method, Direct
  • Method, West‘s New Method, Substitution Method, Bilingual Method, Structural
    approach and Situational approach.
  • Teaching of speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing vocabulary, spelling, prose, poetry,
    drama, Grammar, translation and composition at various school levels and Preparation of
    Lesson plan.
  • Measurement and evaluation in English teaching.
  • Action Research in teaching English, its meaning, development and utility
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Teaching English

Foundation Course in Science and Technology

Unit 1
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
    Linking Past with Present
    Why Search the Past
  • What is History of Science
    Some Aspects of Science r The Institution of Science
    The Method of Science
    The Tradition of Science
    The Social Function of Science
Unit 2
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
    Science – Its Many Facets
    The Method of Science
  • Observations
  • Hypothesis
  • Experiments
  • Laws, Models and Theories Some Examples
    The Nature of Scientific Knowledge
    Scientific Approach to Problem Solving
    A Reflection about Science
Unit 3
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
    Theories of Evolution
  • Darwin and Natural Selection
  • Human Evolution
  • Primate Heritage
    Evidences of Evolution
  • Palaeontological Evidencc
  • Archaeological Evidence
  • Anthropological Evidence
  • Biochemical Evidence
  • Dating the Past
Unit 4
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Ecosystem
  • Individuals in an Ecosystem and their Ecological Role
    Food Chain
    Food Web
  • Energy Flow in the Ecosystem
  • Cycling of Materials in the Ecosystem
    The Nitrogen Cycle
    The Carbon Cycle
    The Water Cycle
Unit 5
  • Importance of Nutrition
    Nutrient Groups and their Functions
    Essential Nutrients
    Food as Fuel for the Body Machine
    Balanced Diet
    Food Fads
    Food Allergies
  • Adulteration of Food
  • Malnutrition and 111 Health
Unit 6
  • Mass Communication
  • A Historical Perspective
  • Media of Mass Communication Today
  • Effective Media in the Indian Context
    Technological Advances in Mass Communication
  • State of Communication in the Past
  • Communication Revolution
    Social and Economic Impact of Modem Communication Technology
    New World Information and Communication Order
  • The Old Order . How the Concept of the New Order Developed

Community Organisation Management for Community Development

  • Concepts of Community and Community Work
  • Urban Communities
  • Profile of Rural Communities
  • Tribal Communities
  • Community Development Programmes and Accountability
  • Community Organisation: Concept, Value Orientation and Assumptions
  • History of Community Organisation
  • Community Organisation as a Method of Social Work Practice
  • Models and Approaches of Community Organisation
  • Current Issues in Community Organisation and the Role of the Community Organiser
  • Social Action: Concept and Application
  • Integrated Approach to Social Work and Social Action
  • Models of Social Action
  • Strategies and Skills in Social Action
  • Social Action: A Method of Social Work
  • Social Welfare Administration:Concept, History and Nature
  • Functions, Principles and Scope of Social Welfare Administration
  • Social Welfare Organizations
  • Management of Social Welfare Services 442
  • Social Policy and Social Welfare Administration

2nd Year

Course CodeNameNo. Of Periods
ECO-1Business Organisation4
ECO-03Management Theory4
ECO-04Mercantile Law4
ECO-05Economic Theory4
ECO-06Elements of Statistics4
ECO-07Company Law4
ECO-08Money, Banking and Financial Institutions4
ECO-09Elements of Costing4
ECO-10Elements of Income Tax4
ECO-11Elements of Auditing4
ECO-012Business Environment4


Business Organisation 

  • The Role of Economics & Government
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Joint Ownership Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Modern Limited Liability Entities
  • Roles in the Corporate Form – Shareholders v. Managers
  • Role of Markets
  • Role of the Shareholder
  • Directors Responsibilities & Remedies
  • Close Corporations
  • Corporate Risk Allocation
  • Friendly Control Transfers- Mergers
  • Hostile Control Transfers- Takeovers
  • Federal Regulation of Corporations- Disclosure


  • Cash And Bank Reconcilation
  • Bills Of Exchange
  • Basic Concepts Of Acountants
  • Other Subsidiary Books
  • Final Accounts
  • Consignment and Joint Ventures
  • Accounts from Incomplete Records

Elements of Statistics 

  • Basic Statistical Concepts
  • Collection, Classification and Presentation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion and Skewness

Money, Banking and Financial Institutions 

  • Money
  • Demand And Supply For Money
  • Money and Prices
  • Inflation
  • Commercial Banking In India
  • Central Banking
  • Reserve Bank Of India
  • Indian Money Market
  • Commercial Banking
  • Term landing Financial Institution
  • Agriculture Finance In India
  • International Finance Fund

3rd Year

Course CodeNameNo. Of Periods
AFW-(E)Feature Writing4
 AWR-(E)Writing for Radio4
AWR-(H)Radio Lekhan (Hindi)4
CTE-03Teaching Strategies4
CTE-04Teaching English (Elementary School)4
CTE-05Teaching English (Secondary School)4
AOM-1Office Organisation Management4
ASP-1Secretarial Practice4
AHE-1Human Environment4
AMT-01Teaching of Primary School Mathematics4
AMK-1Marketing -AMK-14
AED-1Export Procedures and Documentation4
  ACC-1  Organizing Childcare Services8
  ANC-1  Nutrition for the Community -ANC-18
  ACS-1  Consumer Studies -ACS-18


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