Indian Air Force Airman Officer Eligibility Criteria 2018 Air Force Recruitment Selection Process


Indian Air Force Airman Officer Eligibility Criteria 2018 Air Force Recruitment Selection Process Air Force Flying, Ground, Branch Duty Age Limit Minmum Qualification

Indian Air Force Eligibility Criteria 2018

Every year Indian Air Force conducts the exam for the recruitment in its 3 branches which are Flying, Ground or Technical branch respectively. The post vacant are sometime for the recruits those who are appearing in their school or in the graduation while they have experience in a particular field of work Indian Air Force every time openly offers job to the people those who deserve it. that depends on the department that how the vacancy is to be filled either by written exam or by the direct recruitment.

The department open doors for men 10+2/Intermediate (just in the Flying branch), graduates (every one of the three branches), engineers (each of the three branches) and postgraduates (all branches with the exception of the Flying branch) in the different positions. Ladies with graduate (each of the three branches), building (every one of the three branches) and post graduate degrees (all branches aside from the Flying branch) have openings as an Officer in the Air drive. But this is just a compact form of eligibility criteria the detailed criteria is given below.

Indian Air Force Minimum Qualification

Indian Air force is a vast department and everyone wants to get admit in this department for which they work hard a lot. Candidates those who wants to grab a post in the department they need to know the certain rules and regulation and other various information like the eligibility criteria of the job. We are here providing you the details which you should know. Presently you are at correct place here we are giving you the each and single data of the notice.

There are many various ways through which the candidates can join the Indian Air Force easily one of them is the written exam and other exam is the direct recruitment. The written exam is for the students those who wants to join the Air Force at the officer level and they need to have the educational qualification as asked.

Education Qualification

The education qualification which a candidates need to have is mentioned below as the post are different according to the branches of the department. There are many ways you can join this department. As their are many branch in the department you can join the force by having education like

After 10+2

You can join the Air Force after your 12 through the exam of NDA this exam allows you to select any field of defence after clearing a small exam based on your school knowledge. It is a golden opportunity for the students those who having the science stream in there 10 +2 with the strong hold in Physics and Chemistry. If you once get selected you will undergo the training of 3 years in NDA.

After Graduation

If you are in your graduation then you can enter the institution through the exam of AFACT and CDS but you must have cleared the graduation with the 60% of marks. If you are an engineer than, you can take off into a flying branch in the Indian Air Force and also if you are appearing in your last or pre-last year of building through the University Entry Scheme.

Age Limit

The age limit are very different as the mode of entrance are different. Check below for the various entrance.


If you are entering in the department through the exam of NDA then you must be minimum of 17.5 years of age and maximum should be 21 years of age. So you can do your first attempt while studying the training session is 3 years in NDA and 1.5 years in Air Force.


Combined Defense Services is the way which provides you the way to enter in Air Force after graduation. The age limit is set between 20-24 years and those who having maths and physics in twelfth class can apply for it. The examination is divided in two parts one is written exam and the other is SSB and after that medical examination.


AFCAT is the another source of exam which a candidates can give to get a job in the department. The age limit for flying branch is 20-24 years while candidates having commercial pilot licence (CPL) issued by DGCA have upper limit for applying for flying branch is 26 years. For the duties in Ground and Technical branch is 20 to 26 years.

University Entry Schemes (UES)

There are certain Schemes which many universities follows in order to grab the deserving candidates. The age limit for this is minimum 20 to maximum 26 years and B.Tech or B.E student appearing in pre-final year are eligible for this entry.

Indian Air Force Physical Standards

Air Force is a job with many responsibilities and some of them require a lot of hard work and for the candidates must be well fit and they must stand on certain criteria as set by the department. Check below about what are the certain physical standards you need to have to have a job.


A candidate before applying must have atleast minimum height of 148 cm and most maximum of 178 cm with related weight according to height.

With the height body parts should be in length like

  • Leg: Min. 99 cm and Max. 120 cm
  • Thighs: Min. 64cm
  • Hight(Sitting): Min. 81cm and Max. 96 cm

The base weight as set by the department is 43 kg and maximum is 67 kg however the weight can differ as indicated by the post and the age of the individual.

AFACT SSB and Medical Examination

After the written exam candidates need to clear the SSB for the job. In SSB their are certain task which a candidates need to perform in front of the officers s that they can check that whether the candidates are fit for the job or not.


This test is of five days and in this candidates goes through various task to prove them to the authority.

  • At first you need to verify all your document to the department.
  • Once you verified all your documents. You will be allowed to give the psychological test this ensures that the candidates are mentally fit to surpass all the harsh circumstances which will arise in future and they can work in every situation.
  • Once you clear this stage you will be giving physical test of running, Push ups and pull ups and many more.
  • At the end of all the test you will be allowed to give the interview in front of the senior officer. This way they can check the vocational skill of the candidates and their proper manners.

Physical Exam

Candidates need to run the various task in which they need to do the following things like:-

In running candidates need to run 1.6 km in 5.30 min for Group 1 and for Group 2 candidates need to run in 5.30 to 6 min and the marks for them is 60and 48 respectively.
Pull Ups
The marks are allotted in this test and they are as follows
  • 10 Pull Ups: – 40 Marks
  • 9 Pull Ups: – 33 Marks
  • 8 Pull Ups: – 27 Marks
  • 7 Pull Ups: – 21 Marks
  • 6 Pull Ups: – 16 Marks
Medical Examination

Once you clear your SSB you will be getting a date afterwards for you medical for which you need to come later. This test fundamentally involves to watch that whether the applicants are not having any kind of perpetual ailment but rather their are sure different other test takes after.

  • Vision: Minimum Visible Acuity is 6/6. (i.e. the candidates must have Eagle Eye Vision)
  • LASIK surgery is allowable in Plying Branch of Short Commission in Transport and Helicopter (: But it should not be done before the age of 20 years)
  • All the applicants must not suffering any kind of ill effects of shading and night visual deficiency.
  • All other therapeutic criteria are to be approved by the Air drive Medical Authorities and there choice is last.

Some other test are:-

  • Hearing and vision examinations
  • Urine and blood tests
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Muscle group and joint maneuvers, in underclothing
  • Complete physical examination and interview
  • Specialized test if required

This is the eligibility criteria set by the department to which a candidates must require to attain a job in the Indian Army check the links below for the further information related to the Army

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