Indian Air Force Important Question AFCAT, Airman X & Y Most Asked Question


Indian Air Force Important Question 2018 AFCAT Previous Exam Question Paper Sample Paper PDF Download

Indian Air Force Important Question 2018

Indian Air Force is a dream of every once in a lifetime of every student because the pride, and honour it provide to them. Every year Air Force issues various notification to recruit some of the finest officer in the department. Indian Air force is the second main wing of Indian Defence System and work together with both Navy and Army to protect the country and maintain the peace among people. The job in Air force bring so much power and responsibilities among the people who are working and they need to obey them properly. Student those who are in huge confusion that what will be asked in the exam for them we are here providing the series of question through which they can have the idea about what is asked in the exam.

It is a dream of every candidates to fly and serve for their country and to achieve this goal there are some people who works really hard to achieve the job in Indian Air force but some fails to do so because of lack of knowledge and the skills to do the questions. The recruitment in Air Force is divided in several parts so in order to get the job the candidates need to clear all the stages but most of the candidates got stuck in the written exam stage and some of them got stuck in the Interview during their SSB. We are here providing you some of the most asked question during an Interview or in the exam which can help you.

IAF AFCAT Previous Year Question Paper Download

There are various vacancies in the Air force but only few of them do not require an interview to conduct but the post which are of officers level requires to conduct the interview because it shows the inner courage an the way a person handle a situation. As the post in X & Y branch are easy to get because it basically deals with the jobs related to the lower division and they do not require any type of high education and some of them are the job with direct interview. The jobs or post in Air force is divided in 3 branches Ground, Flying and Technical Branch. The post are basically divided in groups X & Y which are further classified. The AFCAT exam is the exam for the student those who are graduate and want to join at the officer post but for this exam you need to get a graduation degree in any disciple with 60% of marks.

AFCAT is the exam which provides the job on a broad scale on various branches in Short Administration Commission and in Technical branch in both permanent and Short Administration Commission. The exam is organised twice every year. To get qualify in the exam candidates need to work hard on all the parts of the exam which are basically English, Science and General awareness and reasoning. The pattern is same in AFCAT as for the other exam and the most important thing is that the candidates should know that their will be negative marking in the exam and for each wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Some General Questions In Interview

Below are some of the question which are generally asked during an Interview or in the exam. All the question asked are all related to the basic knowledge of Air Force and theone who are joinng the force must know all these questions.

  1. What is MMRCA?
  2. Who is the Head of Air Staff?
  3. What are the names and locations of those commands?
  4. What is the quantity of air squadrons that at present Indian Aviation based armed forces is working?
  5. What are the officer positions of the IAF?
  6. What are the pilot positions of IAF?
  7. What number of summons are there in IAF?
  8. What are the names and areas of those summons?
  9. What is the name of the exceptional power of IAF?
  10. What is the name of the aerobatics show group of the IAF?
  11. The Aviation based armed forces Institute is arranged in?
  12. What is the distinction between stealth innovations?
  13. What number of ages are there in airplane flight?
  14. Who was the initial 5-star rank officer of IAF?
  15. Name some up and coming weapons in the Indian Flying corps.
  16. Who is the first and the main Param veer chakra beneficiary of Indian Aviation based armed forces?
  17. Name a few activities directed by the IAF.
  18. Name 5 transport airplane.
  19. Which was the primary indigenously created air ship by India to come into administration of IAF?
  20. What are the branches in IAF?
  21. The rank structure of India depends on which rank structure?
  22. What is the full form of AEWACS?
  23. What are AMCA and FGFA?
  24. Names of 3 exercise of IAF?
  25. Name 5 helicopters used by Indian Flying corps
Note: The questions provided here are just a gist about what type of question their will be present in the exam to provide you an idea check the question papers which we are providing you below

Previous Questions Paper For Technical Exam

There are basically the exam for the technical post to in the department and these post are only for the student those who have science as their main stream in school or in the graduation. The topics of these exams are Computer Science, Mechanical Science, Technical Science and many other. We are here providing you the question paper of the previous exam. Checking the question paper is first step of the candidates to prepare themselves for the exam because having the idea of what will be in the exam can help you a lot than taking any coaching. Check the link below

SubjectQuestion Paper Link
Computer ScienceDownload
Mechanical (B.Series F)Download
Note: The question paper are in different booklet series which are in exam. Check the article for the various other information

So now you have a some set of exam so you can have an idea about what is coming in the exam. As you can see that the questions are really tricky according to the wide course so it is very hard for you to cover in such a short time

Hope that the article provided here is very useful for you and if you find it useful then do share it on the web portal like Facebook, Whats app, Twitter. For any queries related to Indian Air Force then put your comment in the comment section below.


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