Indian Army Salary Slip, Grade Pay, Total Income Chart for Soldier GD Clerk


Salaries Chart for Indian Army (Jawan) Soldiers, Clerks, GD, Ex-Army and all Posts Rank Wise Income, Grade Pay, Total Benefits Chart 2018-2019.

Indian Army Salary for Soldier GD Clerk: Bhartiya Sena Sanik Income – Rank Wise Total Income

Every youngster always has a desire to have a safe job which comes with complete benefits like job security, a nice salary and all the benefits it can cover for their safer life. Indian army part of Ministry of defense along with Indian Navy and Airforce governed by the central government to secure the land border of the country. Indian army is the institution which comes with all these facilities along with many other great features.

Every youngster while studying once in his lifetime at a point he has a dream to join this institution for once whether it is for the glory, valor or it is about the salary. As we all know that India shares a vast borderline with many countries surrounding it which is needed to be protected at any cost and to perform this job they need a huge number of people who are strong and are capable of carrying the responsibilities for which they are assigned.

Indian Army Officers Salary Chart – Rank Wise

Every year Indian Army issues various notification for many posts across the country for every section of the society for different age group but their main aim is to attract youngster in this field. So they use different ways to attract as many youngsters so that they can have a chance to help and serve their country. But to apply for the job one must have a list of complete details about that job so in future one must not face any type of problems

How To Join the Indian Army

Facing the fact that Indian army every year conducts various exams for the youngster. Exams like NDA, CDS and many other where NDA (National Defense Academy) is for the cadets level and CDS (Combined Defense Services) is an exam where you have two options either from there you can join the Indian Military Academy OR Officer Training Academy. There are many other ways to enter in this vast institution like Direct recruitment or “Open Bharti” is conducted anytime in the year to fill up the small posts.

These both exams are conducted twice every year and each time whenever the notification drops thousands of candidates apply for this exam and sometimes the number reaches in lakhs. Everyone who applies in this institution somewhere in their mind they always have a thought that what is the actual amount of salary which a soldier can get. Well, we must tell you that the salary is not fixed in this institution it keeps on changing with time as you gain experience or there is an increase in your rank the salary keeps on getting change. So to know this you must have a proper knowledge about the various ranks of the post in Army.

If you are joining the army after your schooling you can start it from the post of rifleman but you can not reach further you can only reach till the post of subedar major but if you have completed your graduation you can reach on the higher and one of the most respected posts in this institution. Once you had the graduation degree you can reach to the post of Lieutenant and after that, with your experiences, you can reach to the post various from captain to lieutenant general.

Indian Army Soldiers Salary Structure 2018 After 7th Pay Commission

As we know that it is the governmental institution so the income structure is a little complex. Here you won’t get the only salary but there are various things added to your salary. The salary includes various things like basic pay added with grade pay and the with other various monthly allowances. Now here basic pay is a different concept then grade pay. Basic pay is the amount which is allotted to any candidates with adding any other allowance and it keeps on changing every year while grade pay is the amount which is calculated on the basis of your position in the department. It remains fixed every year and changes when there is a change in your position or rank.
Along with these two, there is various allowance which you can receive. According to 7th Commission, a can get various allowances like

  • House Rent Allowance
    House Rent Allowance or HRA is an allowance which a person receives if he is living in a rented house this allowance is calculated at a different rate which changes according to the number of persons living in the area. The area is classified into three categories X, Y and Z and the rates are 30%, 20%, and 10% respectively which is calculated on the basis of their salaries
  • Other Various Allowances
    There are many other allowances like Transport allowance, Field area allowance, High Altitude, Siachen Allowance (only for the candidates posted in Siachen) and many other as per allotted to different post and department. Along with these allowances, there are many deductions which are made like DA, PF and many other which is calculated on the basis of the salary and it gets collected and is given at the time of their retirement.
    Now you must be having a gist about how the salary in this institution is calculated and distributed.

Indian Army Rank wise & Band wise Income chart

The post in the army is divided in various bands 1 to 4. Band 1 & 2 are for the candidates those who get the job through the direct recruitment for this they need to get the education till high school and meet the eligibility criteria as set by the department.

  • Trainees
    Candidates get the who are trainees in the department they do not get the salary but they receive a stipend which is around 15000 to 20000. As per the post he had applied.
  • Salaries according to the Pay Band 1&2
    Under this band, the post falls under below Officer rank or you can say JCO.
  • Sepoy (Rifleman)
    The sepoy is also known as The Rifleman is the initial rank in the army but they still get fair salary as the basic pay they get around 5200 to 20200 along with the grade pay of 1800 and with other allowances, they get total approx 25000 in hand.
  • Lance Naik & Naik
    From sepoy, the soldiers are promoted to Lance Naik and then to Naik. The salary for the Lance Naik is 5200 to 20200 with the grade pay of 2000 and adding their military service and the X group pay they get total of around 30000 while the naik gets around 32000 to 35000.
  • Havildar
    The person who is at the post of havildar gets the salary of around 40000 where is income is same but the various allowance get increases like his grade pay gets to 2800 and his X military charge and the X group pay is 1400.
  • Pay Band 2
    The pay band 2 includes the post Subedar, Naib Subedar, and Subedar Major respectively. Here also the salary remains the same from 9000 to 34000 but the extra allowance keeps on changing.
  • Subedar
    A Subedar gets a grade pay of 2800 and his military service is 2000 and X group pay is 1400 which takes his salary to 38000 to 40000.
  • Naib Subedar
    A Subedar is promoted to Naib Subedar here he gets a grade pay of 4600 and his military service is 2000 and X group pay is 1400 which takes his salary around 45000.
  • Subedar Major
    Subedar major is the promoted post of Naib Subedar where is salary is approx to 55000 to 60000 where his G.P. is increased to 4800 and rest remains the same.

Salary for Indian Army officers Rank / Posts

After the post of Subedar Major, a person reaches to the post of Officers after here he gets more respect and receives high salaries. The post here comes in the band 3 & 4.

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  • Band 3
    Post which is of Lieutenant, captain, Major comes in this category. Here the salary gets increased to 15000 to 39000 but the various allowances fluctuate and the candidates do not receive the X group pay
  • Lieutenant
    This is the first post at the officers level and here the grade pay is 5400 and the military service pay is 6000.
  • Captain
    A Lieutenant is promoted to the post of captain and here his G.P. is 6100 and military service pay is 6000 and his total salary is 70000.
  • Major
    A person who is at major have a great responsibility and his salary gets spiked to 1,00,000 including his grade pay with 6600 and military service pay is 6000.
  • Band 4
    The band 4 covers 4 posts which are lieutenant colonel, colonel, brigadier and Major General where salary hiked up to 35000 to 60000
  • Lieutenant colonel
    A person reaches at the post of lieutenant colonel after serving 12 to 13 years in the army here his grade pay increases to 8000 and his military service pay is 6000.
  • Colonel
    After fulfilling certain criteria a person gets promoted to the post of colonel and here his G.P is 700 more while the Military service pay remains the same.
  • Brigadier
    Brigadier is the post which is achieved after a long time serving the country here the grade pay is 8000 which makes his salary nearly 1,00,000 along with service pay
  • Major General
    A major general is a very respected post not in India only but in the world where he gets grade pay of 10000 but he won’t receive any service pay but is salary spikes up to 1,00,000.
  • Lieutenant General
    The post of lieutenant general is not easy it comes with great responsibility and it takes a huge time to get here after giving many years to the country where he won’t get as many allowances as compared to the other post and his salary range between 67000 to 79000 but he gets the increment of 3% every year.

Indian Army Soldiers Salary Table of All Match

Here is the table for the various post of officers and the JCO’s. Now you must be having a brief idea about the salary structure of mostly every personnel in the army.

Indian Army Salaries for All Posts
 Rank Pay Band Grade Pay Military Service PayCash in Hand (app.)
 Sepoy 5200-20200 1800 2000 25000
 Lance Naik 5200-20200 2000 2000 30000
 Naik 5200-20200 2400 2000 35000
 Havaldar 5200-20200 2800 2000 40000
 Naib Subedar 9000-34000 4200 2000 45000
 Subedar 9000-34000 4600 2000 50000
 Subedar Major 9000-34000 4800 2000 65000
 Lieutenant 15000-39000 5400 6000 68000
Captain 15000-39000 6100 6000 75000
 Major 15000-39000 6600 6000 100000
 Lieutenant Colonel 37000-67000 8000 6000 112000
 Colonel 37000-67000 8700 6000 130000
 Brigadier 37000-67000 8900 6000 –
 Major General 37000-67000 10000 – –
 Lieutenant General 60000-79000 – – –

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