Is Politician’s Colleges to be indulge in scholarship scam?


The order to change the SIT in-charge investigating the Samaj Kalyan Scholarship scam has shocked the government by rejecting the High Court within 24 hours. Three years after the crores of scam came to light, the name of the investigation in this case has been leopard so far. One of the reasons behind the slow pace of the investigation is to be associated with colleges run by the scholarship scam leaders. A complaint was lodged by a person residing in Saharanpur in December 2105 in the initial complaint of a scam in a tenth-grade scholarship given by the Department of Social Welfare.

After this, after the arrival of the BJP government in March 2017, Chief Minister Trivandrum Rawat announced its SIT probe and expressed his intention to reach the culmination. But now even during the two-year tenure of the BJP government, the investigation has not been able to reach the specific conclusions. Meanwhile, the complaints of continuous affecting the investigation also came out. SIT in-charge investigating the matter, Dr. T.C. Manjunath complained to the court that the Social Welfare Department was not cooperating in the investigation.

According to sources, one reason for the slow pace of investigation is the involvement of the leaders’ colleges in this scam. Actually, many colleges of the families of politicians are running in districts like Dehradun, Haridwar. These colleges also carried forward this scam by showing fake students It also had the role of departmental officers, who are still active in different positions and able to influence the investigation. After the order of the High Court on Wednesday, there was a stir in this case from the Home Department to the Police Headquarters.


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