Students who are appearing in the Kerala SSLC 2018 Exams can check their syllabus for the 2017-18 session from the linls given below. We are updating them one by one.

Kerala Board Exams for class tenth 2018 has been updated here. The candidates can check the details from here. The official website of Kerela SSLC is kbpe.org. Check all the details from here.

Kerala SSC Exam Syllabus 2018 & Date Sheet @ kbpe.org

Kerala SSC Exam Syllabus 2018 & Date Sheet

Kerala Board of secondary education has already updated the details of the syllabus from which the candidates will get the details of their units which are coming in the exam. The dates of exam are near and soon going to work like hell. If you really want to download the syllabus of Kerala Board 10th class exam for all subjects then you can read all the contents of this article & have fun that are covered in the Kerala SSLC Exam 2018.

Kerala Mathematics Syllabus Download PDF 2018

Mathematics is one of the important subject in the class 10th. So those who are preparing to score well in the exam must check the details of their exam from here.

The topics which are covered in the Mathematics Syllabus for Kerala SSC 2018 are

Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations, Coordinate Geometry, Real Numbers, Permutations and Combinations, Menstruation, Polynomials, Graphs and Polyhedra, Statistics, Probability, Similar Triangles, Pythagoras Theorem, Progressions, Sets, Surds, Circle-Chord Properties, Circle-Tangent Properties and Factorization.

Kerala Science Syllabus Topics Guide 2018 Exam

Science in Kerala Board 2018 Exam syllabus has been divided into three parts i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Kerala Board Physics Syllabus Class 10th Unit & Sample paper 2018

Physics :- There are so many topics which needs to be studies in the Physics section.

Alternate Sources of Energy, Types of Motion, Heat Engines, Nuclear Energy, Sound, Electromagnetic Induction, Electronics and Space Science.

Download Kerala Board Chemistry Syllabus Class Tenth 2018 PDF

Chemistry :- The topics of Chemistry are written here one by one read them & download them in your device so as to cover the kerala Chemistry Board exam syllabus 2018.

Periodic Classification of Elements, Silicon, Industrial Inorganic Chemistry, Carbon and Its Compounds, Industrial Organic Chemistry, Metals, Behavior of Gases and Ionic Conduction.

Download Kerala Board Bio Syllabus Class HSC 2018

Biology :- The syllabus for Kerala Biology Class tenth Board Exam 2018. The topics are written  here for you. Check them one by one from the next sentence.

Environmental Issues, Green Plants and Chordates, Plant and Animal Tissues, Microbial Diseases, Plant and Animal Breeding, Control and Coordination in Plants and Animals, Heredity and The Story of Humans.

About Kerala Board Secondary Syllabus 2018

Kerala Board Exams are going to happen soon. The students who are trying to get the details of their subjects can check the details of their syllabus from here. This article will provide you all the details for more. You can check the details from here. Thousands of students appear in the board exams every year. If you are now that students then you should know that you are in the toughest time of your school. You need to stay focused & study all the subjects of that you can get good marks in the subjects & create an overall good results.

How to Prepare for Kerala Matric 2018 Syllabus

There are so many ways by which you can prepare for the kerala board Exams 2018. The students who are appearing in the exams can follow these tips so that they can know the best ways to pass the exam & get the higher score that they need. You can read all the tips & suggestions here. If you follow my tips you can get the most important tips to score best in the board exams.

As you are going to write the Matric exams & you do not have any idea for the same that whether you can follow this tip or another. A student who goes to the school , study for the whole year & covers the syllabus by his full focus. Teachers teach them with same nature. if you think this is enough then you are very wrong my friend. You are going for the left study until you are going get good marks. Self-study is very important, as the teacher teaches everyone the same thing, but some students go on to top the class, then some of them find it difficult to even pass the exam.

There is so many significance of self study for the students. Board exams are not for those questions which are taught by the teachers but it can be asking any type of question which you don’t know. if you study the whole syllabus by yourself at least once, then you can check all of it from here. The tips to increase your performance are written here. If you have a proper idea on how to prepare for the board exams you’ll score big in the exams. Check out few tips to improve your performance in the board exams 2018.

Best way to prepare for the Board Exam 2018 Kerala State

Kerala Education Board conducts the examination for the SSC & HSE Board every year in the month of March & April. So the board will conduct the exam in exactly the same time. In the month of April , the exams will be over. The candidates who are going for the exam can check the exam date sheet from the official website.

The board exams will play an important part in your life & you can see the effect will also be seen in your higher education. If you will score good marks , then only you will get good marks in the exam & will get admission in a good college for higher education. There is a lot of dependency of the career in your 10th exam marks. So you can check the post for more good tips. You can see there are so many ways by which you can see the details of your exam which will help you for scoring well.

Kerala Board SSLC Syllabus & Textbooks Guide

The syllabus of your exam is very vast, you need to know how much you should check on it. There are multiple units in your subjects. Each subject will show the effect in your exam & you can see the percentage will be improved if any of the subject score s better than other. If you could score well in all of them, then you will see the percentage will be lot better than any other.

After you syllabus will be completed, you will see that there are lot more syllabus you need to study & revise multiple times. You can check the details of the exam from here. Students can see the doubts where they get stucked in the exam while answering, if you still think that you are stucked , then go & ask your teachers for more.

Kerala Board Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

Students who are in 10th or 12th class should collect the question paper of the previous year paper for the Board exams of Kerala 2017-18. You can see all the previous year question paper. Solve the question paper in the notebook one by one & see time you spend on each question.

You can take some advice from parents & teachers to understand the pattern. Soon you will see that your timing has been increase & you are going better than before. The speed & accuracy will provide you so many good parts where you will be able to see the difference.Consult with your teacher or parents based on your comfort. Solving previous year question paper is very important.

Time Management

You need to manage your time. If you will waste your time in these things which are not necessary then you will see that you time will be finished in many other things where you should not. Simply just answer the question, which you are very sure about. Always keep track of your time during the exams.

Time Table

The time table for your Kerala Board Exams 2017-18 is prepared by the education Board. You will be able to see this soon. if you are going to see this on the official website, then you can see it from here. We are here to provide you a;l the updates in the Kerala Boars of Secondary education. Soon you will see all the updated or changes that have been applied by the students for the state.

Keep Track of your weakness

If you are weak in any subject then you don’t need to be scared for the same. Study about the subject & you will see soon that you will be having some understanding for it. The students who are studying in Kerala SSLc must be checking the details for their score.. Your focus must also see that which topics where you can’t see the subjects. We are here to provide you all the tips by which you can use to score maximum marks in the board exams and looking for how to prepare for the board exams, study all the relevant topics.

KSEB Solved Previous Model Paper PDF 2018

The students who are studying must also buy some model paper for the exam & you should also check the details of the exam from where you can see the pattern of your exam & you will be able to see what you should check on it.

Solving a sample paper will provide you exact idea which can help you to gain more understanding in the pattern of the exam paper. You can check the details from here. You should solve the question paper by typically writing their answers, as it will also give you good practice for writing. In the exam, you’ll have to write a lot.

How to download the Kerala Board Class 10th Arts Syllabus 2017-18

The syllabus can be downloaded from here. if you are still not getting the units of the subjects you are having, then you can check it from here.

  • Log on to the official website of Kerala board i.e. kbpe.org.
  • Go to the Syllabus link in the homepage of site.
  • Click on the appropriate link for the pdf files.
  • Download the subject wise PDF files in the device by clicking on them.
  • Then click on the Syllabus
  • Check out which is 10th class syllabus
  • Then click the link to download all the files.

Kerala Board 12 Sample Paper Download PDF in English

The sample paper can be downloaded from the official website of Kerala Board. The exam paper will be found in the PDF format. take a print out of it in your PC so that you can check one by one for the better preparation.

  • Name of the Exam :-  KBSE Class 10th
  • Name of the Organization :-  KBSE
  • Class :- Matric
  • Category  :-  Syllabus

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