Keeping a tenant in the house will also be considered a status symbol


The number of tenants residing in your house will determine your financial status. You will also have to give details of tenants in the economic census starting on August 16 in Haldwani metropolis. In future, eligible or ineligible citizens of government schemes will be identified on the basis of this economic census data. Apart from tenants, small businesses and street vendors will also be included in the economic calculation. Apart from the main house, if there is any other residential construction in the premises, it will be counted as a separate house.

Every type of business will be counted in this economic census. In which businesses ranging from farmers to roadside hawkers will also be counted. Small business at home will also be counted in the survey. Apart from this, if you are taking subsidy on any scheme from the government, then it will also be recorded in the survey. This time paper will not be used in economic survey work. The survey personnel will be given tablets (tabs). On which the handheld data will be fed. With this, the survey work is expected to be completed in just six months. It used to take up to two years to complete the old paper survey.


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