Kerala HSE 12th Commerce Syllabus 2018 PDF Exam Date Sheet & Model paper


Kerala Board 12th commerce syllabus has been updated by the officials from here. If you are appearing in 12th in 2017-18 session, then you can see Kerala Board Higher Secondary Exam Date Sheet & Previous year model paper from the official link i.e.

Kerala HSE 12th Commerce Syllabus 2018 PDF

The Board exams of Kerala State has been set by the officials & the students who are appearing in the 2018 State Board exams of Kerala are now searching for the exam previous paper & sample paper with updated syllabus. The exams will be conducted in the month of March & April. So this article will provide you the details of syllabus for the twelfth commerce 2017-18 session.

About Kerala Board of Higher Secondary Education 2018 Syllabus Business Studies

Kerala Board is one of the most successful board in the India. Kerala has achieved the 100% literacy rate in the state. Every year they conduct the examination for the 10th & 12th standard in the various centres of the kerala schools. Students who appear in the exams get their certificates after passing the exam. The candidates who are going to apply for the same will check all the details from here.

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Those who re preparing must be doing their self study. Self study id one of the most important aspect when we study for any exam. Teachers & tutors taught us in there one way. The education is provided to all of us i.e. classmates. But the significance of self study is another than that. If you think that you can see the same from here, then yu will be able to see the depth in the subjects.

Board exams is not a cakewalk, where the questions taught to you by teacher will be the only one to ask. You can be ashed anything which is regarding to the subject. If you do not have the deep knowledge of the subject , then you wont be able to answer those questions. This will effect your score & will degrade your percentage in the board exams.

So the point here is explained that you can check the syllabus for your own sake. If you are going to check the syllabus on your own level, then you can easily check it from here. We are here to provide you all the details of the syllabus. There are multiple subjects in the 12th commerce. These subjects are divided into units & further divided into topics. One by one you can see all of them with your interest you can download them in your PC for more.

Kerala Science Syllabus Topics Guide 2018 Exam

Twelfth Class is one of the important class in the schooling. Students who know the value of the marks & percentage focus all their time in the same & causes all the efforts to get better marks. These marks will help them to score more in the board exams. You will be able to get the admission in the college for the higher education.

This will provide you the formal professional education which will help you to get more 7 more education for the exam. There are so many career options where a science student can go & the students who get a job in their for the fruitful future.

So , not taking the topic too much far, we here present you the syllabus for all subjects. The main subjects here are

  • Commerce
  • Business Studies
  • Accountancy &
  • Mathematics.

Kerala Board 12th Commerce Syllabus PDF Download 2018

Unit I: Introduction to Accounting

Accounting – Meaning, Objectives, Accounting as source of information, Internal and External users of accounting information and their needs.

Unit II: Theory Base of Accounting

Accounting Concepts: Entity, Money Measurement, Going Concern, Accounting Period, Cost Concept, Dual Aspect, Revenue Recognition (Realisation), Matching, Accrual, Full Disclosure, Consistency, Conservatism, Materiality.

Unit III:Recording of Business Transactions

Origin of Transactions – Source documents and Vouchers, Preparation of vouchers; Accounting equation approach – Meaning and Analysis of transactions using accounting equation; Rules of debit and credit.

Unit IV:Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors

Trial Balance: Meaning, Objectives and Preparation

Unit V: Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

Depreciation: Meaning and Need for charging depreciation, Factors affecting depreciation, Methods of depreciation — Straight line method.

Unit VI: Accounting for Bills of Exchange Transactions

Bills of exchange and Promissory note: Definition, Features, Parties, Specimen and Distinction.

Unit VII: Financial Statements

Financial Statements: Meaning and Users. Distinction between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure.
Trading and Profit and Loss Account: Gross profit, Operating profit, Net profit.

Unit VIII: Accounts from Incomplete Records

Incomplete Records: Meaning, Uses and Limitations. Ascertainment of profit/loss by Statement of Affairs method. Preparation of trading and profit and loss account and balance sheet. Ascertaining missing figures in Total debtors account, Total creditors account, Bill receivables, Bills payables and Cash book and Opening statement of affairs

Unit IX: Computers in Accounting

Introduction to Computer and Accounting Information System (AIS).
Applications of computers in accounting: – Automation of accounting process, designing accounting reports, MIS reporting, data exchange with other information systems.Comparison of accounting processes in manual and computerised accounting, highlighting advantages.

Unit X: Accounting and Database System Accounting and Database Management System.

Concept of Entity and Relationship: Entities and relationships in an Accounting System:
Designing and Creating Simple Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports in the context of
accounting system.

Kerela DHSE Twelfth Business Studies Syllabus 2018

Unit I: Nature and Significance of Management

Management – concept, objectives, importance, Nature of management; Management as Science, Art, Profession, Levels of management – top, middle supervisory (First level), Management functions – planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling, Co-ordination – nature and importance.

Unit II: Principles of Management

Principles of Management – meaning, nature and significance, Fayol’s principles of management, Taylor’s Scientific Management – Principles and Techniques.

Unit III: Business Environment

Business Environment – meaning and importance, Dimensions of Business Environment – Economic, Social, Technological, Political and Legal , Economic Environment in India.

Unit IV: Planning

Meaning, features, importance, limitations, Planning process, Types of Plans – Objectives, Strategy, Policy, Procedure, Method.

Unit V: Organising Meaning and importance.

Steps in the process of organising, Structure of organization – functional, and divisional, Formal and informal organisation, Delegation: meaning elements and importance, Decentralization: meaning and importance, Difference between delegation and decentralisation.

Unit VI: Staffing

Meaning, need and importance of staffing, Staffing as a part of Human Resources Management, Steps in staffing process, Recruitment – meaning and sources, Selection – meaning and process, Training and Development – meaning, need, methods – on the job and off the job methods of training.

Unit VII: Directing Meaning, importance and principles.

Elements of Direction: Supervision – meaning and importance, Motivation – meaning and importance, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; Financial and non-financial incentives, Leadership – meaning, importance; qualities of a good leader, Communication – meaning and importance, formal and informal communication; barriers to effective communication.

Unit VIII: Controlling

Meaning and importance, Relationship between planning and controlling, Steps in the process of control,Techniques of controlling.

Unit IX: Business Finance

Business finance – meaning, role, objectives of financial management, Financial planning – meaning and importance, Capital Structure – meaning and factors, Fixed and Working Capital – meaning and factors affecting their requirement

Unit X: Financial Markets

Concept of Financial Market: Money Market – nature instruments, Capital market: nature and types – primary and secondary market, Distinction between capital market and money market, Stock Exchange – meaning, functions, NSEI, OCTEI, Trading Procedure, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – Objectives, Functions.

Kerala Board 12 Mathematics Syllabus 2018

Unit I: Relations and Functions Relations and Functions
Types of relations: Reflexive,symmetric , transitive and equivalence relations . One to one and onto functions , composite functions , inverse of a function. Binary operations .

Unit II: Albegra Matrices

Concept, notation, order , equality , types of matrices , zero matrix, transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrices . Addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication of matrices, simple properties of addition, multiplication and scalar multiplication.

Unit III:Calculus Continuity and Differentiability

Continuity and differentiability , derivative of composite functions, chain rule , derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions, derivative of implicit function. Concept of exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives. Logarithmic differentiation.

Unit IV : Vector

Three- dimensional Geometry Vectors, Vectors and scalars, magnitude and direction of a vector . Direction cosines/ratios of vectors. Types of vectors (equal, unit, zero, parallel and collinear vectors), position vector of a point, negative of a vector, components of a vector, addition of vectors.

Unit V: Linear Programming

Introduction, related terminology such as constraints , objective function, optimization, different types of linear programming (L.P.) problems , mathematical formulation of L.P . problems , graphical method of solution for problems in two variables, feasible and infeasible regions, feasible and infeasible solutions, optimal feasible solutions (up to three non-trivia).

Unit VI: Probability

Multiplication theorem on probability . Conditional probability , independent events , total probability , Baye’s theorem. Random variable and its probability distribution, mean and variance of haphazard variable. Repeated independent (Bernoulli) trials and Binomial distribution.

Kerala Board 12th Exam Time Table 2018

Kerala 12th Date Sheet 2018 has been announced by the Board. The final dates has announced by the board & updated on the website. The official website can  be seen & the students who are going to appear can check the schedule. Download the Kerala 12th Class Exam Time Table 2018.

Lakhs of students had appeared in the KBSE 12th Exam 2017. Now again the exam will be computed to provide the HSE certificate to the students. The routine of the exam will be provided afyter the PDF file is uploaded in the official website for Kerala Plus Two (+2) Date Sheet 2018 on the website.

Download Kerala Board Twelfth Arts Exam Routine 2018 PDF

The Exam Date sheet for the Kerala Twelfth Commerce & other streams can be seen from the official website of Kerala Board. The date sheet has been updated in the month of January. You can check the details from here. The students who are preparing can check the details of the exam sheet. After you will be able to know the datesheet you can plan the studies in order of the date sheet. You can check the details from here.

You can share this post on the social media so that the students who are studying with you can check the updates form the article. This will help other students to stay updated with other events of the exams.

DHSE Kerala Board 12 Exam Routine 2018 Arts

Kerala Plus Two Time Table

Day & Date Subject
2nd February 2018
9.30 am – Nil , 1.30 pm – English Part I
5th February 2018
9.30 am – Nil , 1.30 pm – Second Language (Part II), Computer Information Technology
6th February 2018
9.30 am – Gandhian Studies, Statistics
1.30 pm – Chemistry, Geography, Sociology,
Sanskrit Sahitya, English Literature,
Accountancy, Music, Anthropology
7th February 2018
9.30 am -Nil
1.30 pm – Mathematics, Political Science,
Computer Application, Sanskrit Sasthra
8th February 2018
9.30 am –Geology, Home Science, Psychology
1.30 pm – Physics, History, Business Studies,
Islamic History and Culture,
Communicative English.
9th February 2018
9.30 am – Computer Science, Philosophy,
Social Work, Part III Languages
1.30 pm – Geology, Home Science, Psychology

How To Download Kerala Board 12th Exam Schedule 2018

  1. Open the official website of the Kerala Board that is
  2. Search the link i.e. “12th class board exam date sheet 2018”
  3. Click on the link & the PDF file will be opened in your screen.
  4. YOur PDF fiel can be saved in your device.
  5. Save or download the file and open it.
  6. Your date sheet file is opened in front of you.
  7. Check all the dates carefully.
  8. Take a print out of it & save it for further use.

Download Kerala Board 12th Roll No 2018 Admit Card

The admit card of the Kerala Board 12th exam 2018 will be soon uploaded in the official website of Kerala Board. The candidates who are going to apply for the same can check the details & will be able to get the details from here.  Admit card is one of the most important document in the value. The candidates will b not be allowed to enter the exam hall without admit card. You admit card will be closely examined before you will be send to the exam hall. There are various information like  Date of Examination, Center of Examination, Time of the Examination, Name of the Candidates, Fathers name, date of birth & Roll no written on the admit card.

Kerala Board 12th Class Plus Two (+2) Result 2018

  • Name of Board :- Kerala Board
  • Name of Exam :-  12th Class
  • Date of Exam :- March 2018
  • Admit Card  :- January 2018
  • Category :-  Syllabus
  • Official Website :-

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