‘Labor Law’ become a joke in the area of ‘Labor Minister’


Labor Minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat has been ridiculing the labor laws of factory operators in Kotdwar assembly segment. On Tuesday, a blast in a factory of Bhabra has conveyed it. While two laborers were killed in the accident, three workers injured were sent without first aid and sent out from Kotdwar for treatment. Large boards that show rules and regulations on the entry gates of all the factories under Jashodharpur industrial area may have been installed, but no operator is able to meet these rules.

A large number of people come from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to work in factories located in Kotdwar. Factory operators exploit these workers in the name of giving them work. They are employed without any security arrangements and in case of any accident, they are shifted from Kotdwar to another. Labor Minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat says that orders have been ordered to investigate the officials of department related to the factories. If no shortage is found, then concrete action will be taken.

After the death of two people in the blast in PL Steel Private Limited on Tuesday evening in Jashodharpur industrial area of Bhabra, the administration has come into action. SDM Kamlesh Mehta has ordered the labour department officials to investigate completely and stop the operation of the steel plant. Injury and severely injured workers are sent directly to the private hospitals of Najibabad instead of the government hospital in Kotdwar so that the people are not aware of the incident.


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