Legislator creates ruckus on the non-payment dues to farmer


On the third day of the assembly session, the question of offering a sugarcane payment to the questionnaire was taken up by the opposition. As soon as the proceedings of the House began on Wednesday, the opposition made a tremendous furore on the demand for discussion on the issues related to cane farmers, issue sugarcane payment under Rule 310. The MLA also waved sugar cane in the house. Speaker Premchand Aggarwal had to adjourn the House four times due to the turmoil. During the Congress question hour, there is a constant demand for discussions about the problems of sugar cane farmers under rule 310.

Assembly Speaker Premchand also asked to participate in question hour Despite this, its Congressmen did not get angry with their demand of 310. Once again, the leader was ready with discussion in the opposition Indira Hridayesh Rule 58. He said that if we get discussed in Rule 58, then we are ready to sit. In spite of this, the second legislator of the Congress did not agree with the rule 310.

During the ruckus to the issue related to the sugarcane farmers in the House, Congress MLAs started fluttering the pieces of ganas brought in their clothes hidden in the air. Legislator came to the well and took the cane to the seat of the Speaker. On this, he was attracted and stunned with security personnel. There was also a question about the security arrangements made from cane brought by the Congress MLAs in the clothes.


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