Local routes will be operational by electric bus on Dehradun roads


Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (Roadways) has got an electric bus. It will run as a trial on local routes for just one month. If this experiment was successful, then 50 buses would be operated on PPP mode. In a day or two, the bus will start running regularly. It’s just eco-friendly, worth about one crore. Given the increasing pollution, the government’s emphasis is on electric vehicles. Uttarakhand Transport Corporation is preparing to run 50 electric buses. The financial condition of roadways is not well.┬áTherefore, instead of purchasing himself, he is planning to run buses on PPP mode.

A company has made available an electric bus to roadways as well. On Tuesday, this bus roadway reached the workshop on Haridwar road. Bus trial will start in a day or two. The electric bus will take a roadway trials on both hilly and plain routes. General Manager (Operations) Deepak Jain told that this bus will be run on Dehradun-Mussoorie, Dehradun, Rishikesh and Dehradun-Haridwar routes. If this experiment is successful then the tender will be invited to run 50 buses on PPP mode.

General Manager (Operations) Deepak Jain told that the bus is eco-friendly, which does not do sound and air pollution. The company claims that there is no engine in the bus. It changes motor electric energy into mechanical energy. The 32-seat bus runs from two to two and a half kilometers on a single charge. The maximum speed of this bus is 80 km per hour.


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