Maharashtra Open University MBA Syllabus pdf Download| Syllabus For Various MBA Courses and Sample Paper


Maharashtra Open University MBA Syllabus pdf Download| Syllabus For Various MBA Courses and Sample Paper MBA in Air and Travel Management BAnking & Insurance Hotel Management

Maharashtra Open University MBA Syllabus

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) a open university of Maharashtra who is made responsible for providing the higher education to the student those who are from remote areas and those who are  not able to attend the regular colleges. There are various degree curses in the university which the student can aply and some of them are the distant learning course which are very helpful for the student so that those who are working a part time job they can do their work and learn side by side. We are today here providing the syllabus for the various MBA course. So if you are one searching for the syllabus then go through the article below.

YCMOU All Semester MBA Syllabus

As you all know that the MBA is a four semester course and their are various streams from which you can do the course. Various streams like Travel And Air management, Banking and Insurance, Hotel Management and Marketing Management. Earlier their is only one stream for the MBA Courses but now people are taking interest in other courses to as they are providing better working opportunity not only in this country but in the abroad also. Check the syllabus in the article given below.

YCMOU MBA Syllabus

MBA in Air and Travel Management

Syllabus fo rFirst Semester

MBAT-101 Tourism Concept and Linkages
  • Development of Tourism Through Ages
  • Tourism and Its Theories
  • Travel Behaviour& Motivations
  • Tourism Industry & Its Linkages
  • Tourism Organizations
MBAT – 102 Principle Of Management
  • Functions of Management
  • Planning
  • Organizing & Directing
  • Motivation
  • Controlling
MBAT – 103 Basics Of Accounting And Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounting Information
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Management
MBAT – 104 Business English and Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Report Written
  • Public Relations
  • Business Communication
  • Job Related Communication
MBAT – 105 Indian History Society and Culture
  • Ancient History
  • Mauryan Rule to Gupta Rule
  • Medieval History (11th – 17th)
  • Modern History( 1757-1947)
  • Indian Society & Culture
MBAT – 106 Global Tourism Geography
  • Introduction to Geography
  • IATA Areas, Code and GMT Time
  • North & South America
  • Europe & Africa
  • Asia & Australia
Syllabus for Semester 2
MBAT-201 Organisation Behavior and Human Resource management
  • Concepts of Human Resource Management
  • Functions of HRM
  • Compensation Managemen
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Group Dynamics
MBAT – 202 Bio-Physical Endowment Of India
  • Geographical Features of India
  • National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Hill Stations
  • Beach Resorts
  • Adventure Tourism Sites
MBAT – 203 Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business
  • Introduction to Travel Trade
  • Travel Agency Business Network
  • Functions of Travel Agency & Tour Operation and Roles of Travel Trade Organizations
  • Anatomy of Tour
  • Setting up Travel Agency & Tour Operation Unit
MBAT – 204 Tribal Heritage Of India
  • Background of Tribes
  • Tribal Society and Culture
  • Socio-economic Condition of Tribes
  • Tribal Resources for Tourism Development
  • Management of Tourism in Tribal Areas
MBAT – 205 International Tourism
  • Global Tourism
  • Tourism places of Asia
  • Tourism places of Europe
  • Tourism places in North and South America
  • Tourism places of Africa and Australia
MBAT – 206 Managerial Economics For Tourism
  • Circular Flow of Economy
  • Demand & Supply
  • Production & Cos
  • Macro-Economic Impacts
  • Economic Transition

Syllabus For 3rd Semester

MBAT – 301 Tourism Marketting
  • Origin of Marketing
  • Relationship between Market and Consumer
  • P’s of Tourism Marketing
  • Marketing of Tourism Products
  • Marketing Skills for Tourism Business
MBAT – 302 Cultural Tourism Sources Of India
  • Indian Cultural History
  • Religions of India-Religious Shrines & Pilgrimage Centers
  • Non-Material Cultural Heritage
  • Architectural Heritage
  • Museums and Art Galleries
MBAT – 303 Tourism Transportation
  • Fundamentals of Transport
  • Road Transport
  • Air Transport
  • Basic Airfares & Ticketing
  • Water Transport Services

MBAT – 304 Computer Management and Information System

  • Introduction to E-tourism
  • Global Distribution System
  • Typologies of E-tourism
  • Payment Systems in E-tourism
  • Amadeus GDS
Itinerary Preparation and Tour Packages
  • Itinerary Planning & Development
  • Developing & Innovating Package Tour
  • Concept of Costing
  • Operation of Package Tour
  • Travel Documentation
Research and Methodology
  • Concepts of Research
  • Problem Identification
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Data Coding Presentation

Syllabus For 4th Semester

Hospitality, Hotel and Hoteliering
  • Evolution of Hospitality Services
  • Functions of Front Office Management
  • Functions of House Keeping
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Administration and Finance
MBAT – 402 Destination Planning and Managemment
  • Concept of Destination Development
  • Tourism Policy
  • History of Initiatives for Tourism Planning
  • Fundamentals of Tourism Planning
  • Destination Promotion and Publicity

Syllabus For Banking and Insurance

Syllabus For 1st Semester 

Principles & practices of Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Meaning and Nature of Management
  • Management Approaches, Processes, and Managerial Skills
  • Organizational Culture and Climate, Managerial Etho
  • Individual Determinants of Organization.
  • Behavior
Conceptual framework & Principles of Insurance 
  • Origin of Insurance, Concept: Meaning of Insurance, Definition, Nature,
    Functions, History of Insurance
  • Different Classification
  • Basic Principles of Insurance
  • Economic Principles,
  • Principles of insurance viz. Utmost good faith
  • Contribution and Proximity Cause.
 Principles and Practice of Banking 
  • Introduction to the financial system
  • Recent developments in the Indian financial systems
  • Role & functions of banks-Regulatory provisions
  • RBI Functions, Financial services role and functions of Capital Markets
  • Banker
  • Know your customer (KYC) – Different Deposit Products, Principles of lending
 Quantitative Methods & Business Research
  • Introduction to Decision Theory,
  • Decision under certainty, risk and uncertainty,
  • Decision tree Analysis, Marginal Analysis
  • Game Theory: Characteristics, Two Person Zero Sum Game
  • Pure and Mixed Strategy, Law of Dominance
  • Modified Dominance, Graphical Method
  • Linear Programming Graphical solution and Simplex Method.
  • Sensitivity Analysis,Transportation Problem
  • Assignment Problem

Syllabus For 2nd Semester

Human Resource Management  
  • Concept of Human Resource Management
  • Processes Involved in HRM
  • Total Quality Management and Employee Empowerment
  • Learning Organization.
  • Selection andRecruitment
  • Job Evaluation: Concept, Scope and Limitation
Financial Business Environment
  • Nature of Economy
  • Importance of Economic
  • Monetary, Fiscal, Industrial & Trade Polices
  • Demographic Environment and Environmental Issues
  • Determinants of Economic Growth, GDP and GNP Concepts, Role ofRBI.
  • Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization, Competition Act- 2002
  • Role of Money & Capital Markets, Debt & Equity  Markets, Mutual Fund Market
Principles & Practices of Risk Management 
  • Definitions and Strategic implications for Organizations
  • Risk Management Tools, Risk Control & Risk Financing
  • Conceptual Frame work for Risk Management Process
  • Expected value Concepts
IT For Manager
  • CPU, Computer Memory, Computer Hierarchy, Input Technologies, Output Technologies,
  • Application and System Software, Programming Languages and their Classification,
  • Assemblers, Compilers and Interpreters.
  • Functions of Operating Systems: Types of Operating Systems
  • Office Productivity Tools
  • DBMS 

Syllabus For 3rd Semester

Managerial Economics 
  • Consumer Behaviour and Demand Analysis
  • Cardinal and Ordinal Approaches to Consumer Behaviour
  • Demand Functions, Determinants of Demand,
  • Elasticity of Demand, Derivation of market Demand
  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting. Managerial uses of Production Function
  • Short Run and Long Run Production Analysis
Accounting for Managers
  • Scope of Accounting, Accounting concepts
  • Principles & Standards, Accounting Cycle
  • Journalisation, Subsidiary Books; Ledger Posting, Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Rectification of Error
  • Classification of Capital and Revenue
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation Accounting
  • Preparation of Final Accounts, Manufacturing Account
  • Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account; Balance Sheet (with adjustments)
Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Product Planning and Pricing
  • Promotion and Distribution decisions
  • Functions of Intermediaries
Regulatory Framework of Financial Sector
  • Legal Aspects of Banking Operations
  • Cash laws on responsibility of paying /collecting banker Indemnities /guarantees-scope and application.
  • Obligations of a banker-precautions and rights-laws relating to bill finance, LC and Deferred payment guarantees
  • Laws relating to securities- valuation of securities-modes of charging securitieslien,

Syllabus For 4th Semester

Financial Management
  • Nature and Scope of Financial Management
  • Planning for Sources of Finance (Domestic and International)
  • Retained Earning Vs. Dividend Decision
  • Capital Budgeting
Indian Banking System
  • Overview of Indian financial system
  • Concept of financial intermediation.
  • Organized financial system
  • Commercial Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks, Non-Banking financial intermediaries.
  • Financial markets; Money market, capital market (Debt & Equity Markets), Role of RBI as a regulator
Foreign Trade Policy and Procedures
  • Meaning and significance of foreign trade
  • History of Foreign Trade regulation in India from FERA to FEMA
  • RBI Guidelines, FEDAI rules, EXIM policy, Role of EXIM Bank and ECGC
  • Balance of Payments and Trade Balance
  • Bilateral trade: MFN Status.
  • Trade barriers: Role of WTO, Methods of financing foreign trade.
Project Planning & Analysis
  • Project Identification Analysis
  • Market and Technical Analysis
  • Project Costing and Finance
  • Project Appraisal
Retailing and CRM in Banking
  • Introduction to retailing, definition and importance, growing significance of retailing,
  • Retail Banking – Concept – Present Technological Retail Products offered to the Customers
  • Deposits, Advances And Subsidiary Services
  • Pricing Of Products
Life Insurance & Elements of Actuarial Sciences 
  • Practice of Life Insurance
  • Elements of Actuarial Science
Syllabus For Hotel Management

Semester 1

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of management thought
  • Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Coordination
  • Control
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Motivation
  • Power and politics in organization
  • Introduction to Hotel Industry
  • The Guestrooms & Facilities
  • Front Office Procedures
  • House Keeping Procedures
  • House Keeping Procedures
  • Cleaning Science
  • Fabrics & Fibers
  • Floors & Arranging Flowers
  • Care and Cleaning of Metals
  • Introduction to the Food and Beverage Operations
  • ‘Food and Beverage Equipment
  • Menus and Covers
  • Food and Beverage Service Methods
  • Food and Beverage Working Environment
  • Food and Beverage Production Methods
  • Purchases
  • Wines
  • Introduction to Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Food Groups
  • Water
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Processing
  • Evaluation of Food
  • Balanced Diet
  • Meal Planning
  • Essentials of Grammar
  • Office Management
  • Letter & Resume Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Preparation
  • Group Discussion & Presentation

Syllabus For 2nd Smester

  • Personnel Development Program
  • Job Compensation
  • Quality of work life & quality circles
  • Counseling for effective Human Resource Development
  • Human Relations
  • Marketing Concepts and orientations
  • Marketing Information System
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Segmentation & Targeting
  • Product Decisions
  • Pricing
  • Channel Decisions
  • Planning and evaluating Front Office Operations
  • Yield Management
  • Room Sales Management
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Credit control- Property Management Systems
  • Design and Type Of Design
  • Light and Fitting
  • Introduction to Bar Operations
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Service and Selling Techniques
  • Marketing Bar Operations
  • Bar Control System
  • Job Description Of Various Kitchen Staff
  • Fuels Used In Cooking

Syllabus For 3rd Semester 

  • Introduction to OR Managerial Decision Making
  • Linear Programming
  • Transportation Models
  • Replacement Models.
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Queuing Theory
  • Inventory control (deterministic Models only)
  • Game Theory.
  • Evolution of financial-management
  • Capital budgeting
  • Sources of Long term funds
  • Lease financing
  • Capital Structure
  • Working Capital
  • Management of Retained Earnings
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Recent developments
  • Lodging Planning & Design
  • Food Service Planning & Design
  • Building & Exterior Facilities
  • Facility Systems
  • Energy Conservation & Management
  • Introduction to Hotel Law
  • Overview of Applicable Acts & Laws
  • Hotel – Guest Relationship
  • Laws governing lost and found property
  • Food Legislation
  • Liquor Legislation
  • Taxation
  • Introduction to Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • Services Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing Plan
  • The Sales Office
  • Sales Techniques for hotel industry
  • Advertising, Public relations and Publicity
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Marketing Channel Systems
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Introduction to tourism
  • Types or forms of tourism
  • Components of tourist product
  • Tourist Facilities & Transportation
  • Travel lingo

 Syllabus For 4th Semester

  • Introduction
  • Defining strategic intent
  • Environmental Appraisal
  • Strategic Analysis and choice
  • Strategy implementation
  • Introduction To Power Point
  • Database Management System- Learning Microsoft Access
  • Role Of Personal Computer In Office Automation
  • Introduction
  • Structure of MIS
  • Systems Concept
  • Information Concept
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Organisation & Information Systems
  • Advanced Information Systems
  • ERP: An Introduction, Application Examples of Information Systems.

Presently you have the Information about the various MBA courses which the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University is providing and you have a concise thought regarding the framework and the different angles. Later we will give you numerous more data about the different courses. Till then remain associated with us we will continue refreshing you and on the off chance that you like our article or need any more data at that point please comment in the comment box.

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