Martyr’s son received National Teacher Award


Ramesh Prasad Badoni, teacher of Uttarakhand selected for National Teacher Award, was honored by President Ram Nath Kovind in New Delhi on Thursday. Badoni is a spokesperson for Physics. He is working in GIC Misras belt located in Sahaspur block. He has dedicated this award to his mother Premwati Badoni. In a conversation with Hindustan, he said that he is at this stage due to the inspiration of his mother. His father Ramprasad Badoni was in the JCO post in Assam Rifle. At the age of just 32, he was martyred on 20 February 1975 while defending the country in Assam. He was posthumously awarded the Shaurya Chakra. Ramesh Prasad Badoni currently has 64 online courses in physics. Google Certified Teacher Badoni has previously received National ICT Award, National Innovative, Global Innovative Award.

But Badoni, mother supported me at every step. She encouraged you to move forward. He suggested to his fellow teachers to make the school environment interesting. Emphasize on visual education too. Focus on the students according to their abilities. This will enable 100 percent development of them.


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