Three of the seven municipal corporations to be crowned by the Mayor


The Uttarakhand government has publicized the reservation for seven posts of Mayor in seven municipal corporations. Except the two municipal corporations of Dehradun and Haldwani, the chair of the mayor has been reserved in the remaining five. Now the only remaining survivor of the Mayor’s chair in Roorkee Municipal Corporation is ready to be normal. However, Roorkee’s elections will be held sometime later.

Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik told that as soon as the Mayor reservation is announced, the preparations for the municipal elections are almost complete. In the next two days, a final notification of reservations for the post of Chairman in Nagar Panchayat and Municipalities will also be issued. Now we are in a position to tell in the High Court that the government is ready for elections. Now the court will decide when it is to be held.

According to Secretary Urban Development RK Sudhanshu, people can file objections within seven days on the announced reservation. The objections will be heard at the level of urban development, at the level of Directorate, after which the reservation will be declared final. Objections can also be given by writing or mail at the Directorate of Urban Development, Rajpur Road address. In the state, seven of the seven municipal corporations will be crowned by the head of the head of the city in three. This includes the first Municipal corporation, Rishikesh and Kotdar as well as Dharmanagari Haridwar.


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