MPs and legislators are returning from the Municipal Corporation! But why ?


In the municipal elections, how do MPs and MLAs who reach home reach home after voting for votes? Municipal meetings have become its eyes. Legislators and MPs do not have to go to the Municipal meetings to discuss public difficulties. Raipur MLA Umesh Sharma Kau attended one meeting only. The remaining four legislators did not attend a single meeting in 10 years. MP also did not understand the need for participation in the meeting. In addition to elected councillors in Dehradun Municipal Corporation under Municipal Body Act, MPs and legislators belonging to corporate sector are exempt members. Prior to the expansion of the municipal limits, there were MLAs of the Rajpura, Cantt, Mussoorie, Raipur and Dharmapura in addition to Tehri and Haridwar MPs as exile members in the Corporation Board.

After the expansion of the municipal limits, the board of board has increased. Among them, as the Doiwala legislator, CM Trivedi Rawat is also an ex-officio member. The seven wards of Doiwala area are in the municipal corporation. Now the question is whether the CM will be in the board meeting. The first meeting of the municipal board is to be held in January.

This time Meyer is Sunil Udyal Gamma, who has been considered close to CM. As a legislator in the ex-officio members of the Municipal Corporation, only Umesh Sharma Kaou has joined the board meeting. Raipur MLA Umesh Sharma Kau attended the last board meeting before the municipal election. He also gave suggestions and proposals in matters related to development. Before that, he has joined the board meeting another time.


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