Officers marks encroachment instead of removal


The campaign to remove encroachment in Premnagar was confined to the process of identification. The team did not even look at the actual encroachments. The team passed through the Premnagar Tiraha towards the Law College. In this route, it was seen how many people broke the encroachment themselves and who did not break it. Its report was made. Administration, police and top brass of NH went to Premnagar market with heavy police force. Here only one can see who has encroached and who has not. Classes were taken to concerned people on encroachments ahead of shops.

After marking the Premnagar market till the tirade, the team did not go towards the big illegal construction. Illegal constructions in which cases were also filed against people. From here, the team continued to identify encroachments through Lawi village to Law College. Here 28 encroachments were identified last year. Most of which broke on their own. In some places, there was also talk of erasing red marks in the east. However, the ramp next to the shops and houses was marked here. Those will be broken. On the other hand, a team identified the encroachment in Rangadwala. The work of marking went on till evening.


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