Full closure of Bharat Bandh in Almora and Partial impact in Haldwani


In protest against the reservation, India closed the entire impact on Thursday in Almora. Almost all the shops are closed. There was a partial impact on Haldwani. Most shops remained open. Many schools of Almora’s development block Dhaula Devi and the Dania market saw the effect of the shutdown. From the morning, the Board of Trade and Regional Representatives closed the schools, government and non-government institutions in the countrywide shutdown. Performed by sloganeering. The movement of locals leaving the vehicle was stopped. This caused the passengers to face difficulties. At the same time, the entire market was closed in support of the bandh in Deghat. Along with this, the traders handed the memorandum addressed to the President in the Chauki Deghat. Bhiksainan Bazar too closed completely.

In Someshwar also the market remained completely closed in protest of reservation. This caused a lot of trouble for the people. Many organizations supported the shutdown. In Dhaulchina, the trade body gave full support to the India band. Even in Chaukhootia the market was completely closed. The Danish market is also closed. On the other hand, the shutdown in Haldwani has partial effect. Many markets remain open. People of Navbai Road have burnt effigy of reservation at Kalawati Colony intersection under Bharat Bandh. All shops in Navabi Road were closed in protest. At the same time, the traders are meeting to make further strategies. By four o’clock in the evening, the shops called off to protest.

Among those who attended the shutdown, the Board of Trustees, Mahan Govind Joshi, village head DK Joshi, social worker Harish Darmal, Kamal Joshi, Manoj Bora, BDC member Harish Joshi were also included. At the same time, the entire market was closed in support of the bandh in Deghat.


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