People in Haridwar are scared from man-eater leopard


A woman attacked by man-eater leopard near Hanuman Mandir. Women work in a plastics factory which is established in the Industrial area. People near the area made noise when the leopard attacked women, Leopard ran away but women got some wounds and her clothes and her clothes ejaculated. People in that area had fear of Leopard.

Last Thursday, A woman who worked in Raja Plastic Factory in Haridwar. went on the backside area of the factory, where the leopard was sitting with lurking. When the woman picked some stuff then leopard attacked her. It was rewarded that she was not alone there, many factory employees were working in that area. A video of leopard is also going viral on social media.

Ranger Dinesh Naudiyal said they are showing full vigilance for leopard. Three rescue teams have eyes on leopard. He said they installed three cages with a camera trap to catch leopard.


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