PM Modi said – killing someone is not our rites Discovery Man vs Wild (Special Ep.)


In today’s special episode “PM Modi With Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild: ‘Man vs Wild’ show (Man vs Wild)” which was aired today at 9 pm on Discovery Channel. The show is hosted by Bear Grylls and tonight it’s special guest was none other than PM Narendra Modi. The show is shot in Corbett National Park. The show is being shown in more than 180 countries of the world on the channels of Discovery Network. In this, Corbett Park’s Dhikala Zone is seen in the show. PM Modi said in this show that today’s experience was his pleasant experience.

Bear Grylls gives a spear to PM Modi and says that if he sees an animal, he will kill it, but PM Modi smiles and says that killing someone is not in our culture. Further adding to this PM Modi says to Bayer Grylls, ‘When we were small, there was no money for soap. In winter, when dewdrop was used instead of soap. It was our harmony with nature. ‘ The show was full of life experiences of both the people.

PM Modi expresses happiness before meeting BearGrylls. As the convoy of both moves forward. PM Modi says from the car itself that today we have walked with Bear towards Jim Corbett. Bayer Grylls then says that this is not his first tour to India. Regarding Jim Corbett Park, PM says that the mountains, nature, river, and pond here is magnificent. PM Modi says that if we struggle with nature then it is dangerous, but if we balance with nature then it also helps us.


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