Police returned empty from Swami Chinmayanand’s Haridwar Ashram


The police team which went to interrogate Swami Chinmayananda has returned from their Haridwar ashram as the team did not find Chinmayananda there. Municipal Superintendent of Police Dinesh Tripathi said on Tuesday that a team was sent to his Haridwar ashram for questioning in order for the report filed by the victim’s father against Swami Chinmayananda. They were not found there. The team returned on Monday.

Dinesh Tripathi said that the girl’s family is in Delhi, but police is posted at her house. Apart from this, the police is closely monitoring the whole matter and if the girl’s father or family seems to need more security, then she will be provided. At the same time, the victim’s father from Delhi told on the phone that when he came to meet his daughter, the daughter was very scared and she started crying from her mother’s chest. He said- After this, I and his mother assured him that the administration and the apex court were with him. There will be no harm to the family.

The girl’s father quoted her daughter as saying that she wanted to come back home, but felt that if she went back, her whole family would be killed, so she moved to Rajasthan with her friend. The father said that the daughter has told him that he has all the evidence against Swami Chinmayananda. He said that all the evidence against Chinmayananda is available and what he has done, he will remain punished for it. After this case, the girl’s father had filed a case against Swami Chinmayananda for kidnapping and threatening to kill her. At the same time, a case has been filed by Swami Chinmayananda citing a WhatsApp message demanding extortion of Rs five crore. After reaching the Supreme Court, the investigation has been handed over to the SIT.


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