Protest against the Corporate administration for shifting the Waste dumping Ground


On the 19th day, an effort was made by the members of the organization to awaken the demand for shifting of the trunking ground between Rishikesh city. The agitators warned the movement to continue till the trunking ground on Haridwar Road was not shifted elsewhere. On Saturday, an attempt by Jagriti Parshuram Tirahe to protest against the members of the organization continued on the 19th day. Arvind Hatwal, convenor of the organization said that the corporation administration is ignoring the people of the area.

Even after 19 days of agitation, the corporation is not crawling in the ears of the administration. It is said that the garbage is being dumped among the population area on Haridwar road by the corporation administration. The people are upset due to the smell of which. Not only this, dirty water is falling in the Ganges 20 meters from here through this trunking ground. Due to which Ganga is becoming dirty. Despite this, the administration is not ready to take any action in this matter.


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