Relief: Pollution investigation centers to open in 15 days at petrol pumps of Uttarakhand


Pollution testing facilities at the state’s petrol pumps are expected to be available by the end of this month. Oil companies also swung into action after the government’s order to set up an investigation center at every petrol pump. State Coordinator of Oil Industry Manoj Jayant said – Instructions have been given to all pump owners in this regard. The entire system of the testing center is ready in 10 to 15 days. Pump owners have assured quick action regarding this. After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, there is a lot of panic in the entire state for conducting pollution checks. The state is getting more difficult due to the fact that there are barely 100 pollution check centers. In order to deal with this problem, the government has asked all petrol pump operators to make inquiry centers.

The Supreme Court has also made an order in this regard. Two and a half to three lakh rupees costs: The cost of setting up a pollution check center is between two and a half lakh rupees to three lakh rupees. However, the petrol pump operator is in a panic due to the government’s order to set up a probe center. A senior official said that if the preparations were made for the investigation center about a month before the new act was implemented. The Food Department has also started taking action from its level. With the formation of these testing centers, the drivers will not have to take the trouble to conduct pollution checks.


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